Yagba Group Kicks Against Alleged Call on TeeJay Yusuf to Contest 2019 Senate Election

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Re: Okun Leaders Shops for Dino Melaye’s Replacement, Calls on TeeJay Yusuf to Contest for Senate Seat.
Sequel to the unpatriotic, divisive and falsified call by an unidentified group named ‘Okun Elders Forum’  to a reputable and dogmatic leader, Hon. T.J. Yusuf to replace Senator Dino as the Senator representing Kogi west coming 2019, the conveners of Yagba For Senate 2019 Initiatives wish to clearly state to the constituents of Kogi West and to our distinguished honourable the hidden truths behind such malicious and malevolent call.

Foremost, there is no such group as far as Yagba and Okun land are concerned. It is a creation of attention seeking individuals, mischief makers, who we are not sure are even from Okun Land and Kogi west at large because their stands are nothing to write home about.

Moreover, the group’s false clarion call was made without considering the existing unity in the constituency that goes along with the display of equity in the past. Hence, their aim is selfish and malicious which is capable of depriving us of our existing peace and thus divide us.

However, with much joy from our heart, we know that these set of individuals whom the whole Kogi West is trying to eradicate from the senatorial district, (because they have been the cankerworm destroying our political system), will not succeed because the Hon.T.J Yusuf they are trying to lobby with is one of the foremost politicians in Okun land who understands the need for balances, and he will endorse the rotational arrangement because even in his own Federal constituency he understands that the rotation has made him a member of the House of Representatives and he does not discredit that process, neither does he challenge it, nor criticise it, and he could never have gotten the position if there was no respect  for that process.

Furthermore, the Hon. T.J Yusuf that we know is a democrat that believes in the unity of his people and  rotation of power as an instrument of democracy, he is a product of justice and equity(the instrument he used in 2011 against Senator Dino Melaye in the Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu Federal constituency representative contest), and he can distinguish between a mirage and reality.

Hence, we call on the distinguished Hon. T.J Yusuf, his political family, the constituents of Kogi West and the public at large to decline such malevolent call and embrace the call for fairness and equity by supporting the Yagba For Senate 2019 Initiatives so as to strengthen our democracy.


Comrade Omosona T. Olakunle

Comrade Makanjuola Dahunsi Fatai
Co – convener

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