Yagba: APC Shamelessly Claiming Credit for My Effort on Oke-Oyi Road Construction – Abejide

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Member representing Yagba federal constituency in the House of Representatives, Hon. Leke Abejide has berated the All Progressives Congress (APC) campaign council for its shameless attempt to take credit for his project in the constituency.

Abejide, speaking at the backdrop of the statement by the APC Campaign council where they thanked President Muhammadu Buhari and Governor Yahaya Bello for the construction of Oke-Oyi roads, stated that Yagba land had suffered the worst from the APC as there was no visible projects attracted to the zone by any appointees of state government.

The APC campaign council in Yagba Federal constituency had on Friday expressed immense gratitude to President Mohammadu Buhari for approving funds for the reconstruction of the Ijowa-Ejuku-Jege-Ife Olukotun road in Yagba East LGA of Kogi State.

The APC campaign council, in a statement, observed that the ongoing reconstruction was a product of a particular road transfer agreement signed by both the Kogi State Government and the Federal Government.

They equally noted that Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello listed the said road as part of roads transferred to the Federal Government for onward construction and hence deserves accolades.

But in a swift response, Abejide narrated how he canvased for the said project, flagged-off the construction of the road that is now nearing completion.

“On 2nd November, 2020, I, Hon Leke Abejide visited His Excellency, Gov Yahaya Bello at his residence in Abuja to inform him my plan on the Road from Omuoke-Igbagun-Ife-Olukotun-Ijowa Road to get the Road rehabilitated and reconstructed in certain portion. And he appreciated my efforts and told Hon Idris Asiru in my presence (because he was in that meeting) to let him know where I’m starting because they too (Kogi State Government) want to put it in their budget so that we will not start in same location.

“And when we started from OMUOKE side I forwarded the pictures and videos to Gov Yahaya Bello to inform him the progress of works and what I was able to capture in 2020 Budget. I went and secured more money in 2021 and 2022 and the results is what you are seeing on that Road and not only that but across Yagba Federal Constituency.

“Hon Sunday Karimi is on the campaign train of APC, he knows how it works in National Assembly that nobody will give you projects of these magnitude just like that to take home. If it so easy, others, including Senators in Kogi State will even have more projects than me.

“Instead of them to thank God for having a man like me whom God has given capacity, competence, character, knowledge, political clout and connections representing and bringing Yagba Federal Constituency to limelight and envy of all in Nigeria; they are spreading falsehood around!

“When I flagged- off the construction of the roads our people were there, so if anyone wants to lie, pictures and videos cannot lie. They should show me where the President or the Governor did the flag off of the Road! President Buhari does not even know the Road exist. And as we speak the State Government is yet to support me on the Road project.

“But I want to tell you through this medium I have gotten the money that will complete the work to Ijowa and by God’s grace it will be done,” he said.

Abejide said the APC in the zone knows that they have squandered their goodwill amongst Yagba people.

”Rather than bury their head in shame and apologize to Yagba people for squandering the goodwill away in our zone, we are shocked that the APC will be going about speaking about a projects that is not theirs. This is a demonstration of falsehood from idle people.”

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