Workers’ Day: Unified Working Spirit is The Only Panacea to Make a Paralyzed Nation Walk – Bello Festus

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As the world celebrates Workers Day, Amb Bello Festus, a Co – Advocate of Kogi Power Shift (K. P. S)  and a Member of Bello Support Organization (B.S.O) wrote from Abuja through a mail piece. He express his encomium greetings to all Kogi State Workers for their solidarity and permissive traits over time. He induces that workers are institutional sculptors and further redress that unified working spirit with copious alacrity is the solely option that can make a paralysed nation walk.

“Take away my people and leave my factories then soon grass will grow on it,  but take away my factories and leave my people then soon we will grow another factories” (Bello Festus: 2016).

In Building Science, Just as it is immensely inevitable to erect a tower without trowels, and it is impossible to make castles without casters. So it is in the socio – political aura, applicably, finding it impossible to effect a social institution like Government without machineries. Hence, drawing one to conclusion that without machineries there exist no government. “Workers are machineries, they are legal agent and institutional sculptors, they are the heart and lungs of every institutions”. It’s really outstanding that the world today celebrates the organs behind the sustainability of our modern organizations.

The body of workers and labourers in Nigeria Society known as Nigeria Labour Congress is a substantial platform of promoting unity, welfarism and protection amongst divided workers. It’s complication free to realise that this body since existence has never gotten anything from the government on the platform of gold. It’s always agitation upon agitations. As a student of politics one could compare the challenging forces of the Nigeria Labour Congress like a vicious cycling of onerousness inherited from one administration to the other.  Some of its basic difficulties includes, The problem of minimum wages,  Salary Inconsistency,  Compensation abnormalities, Pension Tension, Poor Governmental Policy,  amidst others. However one can strictly organise all this irregularities as a result of the lack of effective workers appreciation scheme across the federation.

Recently, State actors metrics in ensuring potential operational standard and substantial functional efficacy amongst civil servants and public servants in their respective course of service is an indelible discourse that can not be underestimated. A good example is the trending focus of war against corruption at the federal level by Mr President, His Excellency Gen Mohammed Buhari which serve as a fundamental instrument in enforcing moral disciplines among government workers.

The Chief Executive Worker in Kogi State, His Excellency Governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello unrelenting focus in ensuring a corrupt  free civil service system through the establishment of sanitization schemes against Kogi State ghost workers also is an amplified foresight that is worth applauding.

Indeed Kogi State is transforming, it is metamorphosing. Kogi has found its own Moses, His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello . It’s exciting to see that despite the turbulence frustrating his administrative prowess he stays focus. His Hundred days in office is a change of history and a make of record. His ideas are worth celebrating. Every bona-fide Kogites has to embrace this call of new direction, governance is not an activity of one, it’s an activity of all by all and unified working spirit with copious alacrity and patriotism is the solely panacea to make a paralyzed nation walk.

Happy Workers Day to all Kogi State Workers and The Federation at Large.

– Amb. Bello Festus G. Nda
Founder, Ambassador For Positive Change Network
(A. F. P. C. N)
Member,  Kogi Power Shift Ambassadors (K. P. S. A)

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