Why Should an Attah Igala’s Coronation Start From Ugwolawo?

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Ugwolawo was once called Omata District created in 1905 one of the oldest districts in Northern Nigeria.

Ugwolawo is an apprentice Town in preparatory for Ata Stool. A hire to the attah stool is made Onu Ugwolawo to study the nitty gritty and rudiments of Administration as Attah Igala. When the Attah stool becomes Vacant, the heir’s house in Ugwolawo will be the first coronation altar which would be burnt down as a sign that designate Ata from that moment has no home of his own,his home and first family now becomes the Igala.

But today this is not the practice, all the previous Atas were once Onu Ugwolawo according to tradition except for Aliyu Obaje and Idakwo Ameh. Tradition is fast losing its taste. The era where Aliyu Obaje, a tutor from school of basis studies Zaria was made Attah without being an Onu Ugwolawo when Opaluwa Oguche was a sitting onu Ugwolawo in 1956 and Idakwo Ameh moves from his Lokoja residence to a thatched house in Ugwolawo to spend 3 days leaves much questions, Where Adebo Opaluwa has already done the apprenticeship. An era where a clan is allowed to rule 2 times when the rest 2 are yet to rule once.

The colonial masters and the then Achadu Peter Achema altered the rotation circle, today Etamahi Igalamela and Gov Idris Ichalla Wada further altered the already Altered rotation among amo ma ajata. History is being made and kept for the confusion and further collapse of our aged tradition.

In this era when money and Politics speak louder than Truth. U may wish to insult me or argue this but in your inner mind, you know this truth. Justice will prevail. Injustice is a clog in the wheel of Igala progress.

I congratulate HRH Idakwo Ameh on his appointment as Ata Gala

– Ainoko Achimugu

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