Why Kogi Koya Movement?

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As a keen observer of good governance, I would like us to know that no government can perform 100% without having the full support of the people at the grassroots. Knowing fully well that no government can be island of knowledge in a state where we need ourselves to build a great nation.

Based on the ongoing political downturns in Kogi, I would like to draw our attention to why we must embrace the “Kogi Koya” movement led by Senator Dino Melaye. Here are the benefits you would derived from joining the movement:

1. The movement gives room to a government of the people, by the people and for the people. A true definition of DEMOCRACY.

2. It allows all inclusive government where everyone can participate in decision making particularly in the best interest of our DEAR STATE- KOGI.

3. It advocates a system that fights against HARDSHIP, DEPRESSION and MOLESTATION of the good people of Kogi.

4. The movement believes in good governance as what should be obtainable in the state particularly in terms of policy making. In lieu with this, the movement calls for a “people oriented” government that gives room for FEEDBACKS.

5. The movement is out to silent all forces against the GOODWILL of the right thinking members of the state.

6. The movement is strictly meant for all LOVERS of good governance and development in Kogi state particularly sons and daughters of the CONFLUENCE STATE.

7. Lastly, the movement gives you the opportunity to bring back sanity to the impoverished state of affairs in the state.

– Israel Arogbonlo wrote from Lokoja.

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