Why I Feel Bandits May Soon Kidnap Buhari – Dr. Oyiguh

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I am not usually given to making public comment/s particularly as it relate(s) to insecurity in Nigeria. In the professional group where I belong, I have left the leadership in no doubt that I am very concerned about the deteriorating insecurity in the nation.

I took the responsibility to be Chairman Security of Doctors Committee, Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) Kogi State, while I was the Chairman of NMA Kogi State Chapter, when kidnapping of doctors was becoming rife and a very serious issue in Kogi State.

I was a fortunate traveller on the Abuja- Kaduna train route on Saturday and Sunday, before the attack on the fateful Monday. I still feel a sense of gratitude to God that He caused me to leave the town of Zaria immediately our meeting was concluded. As if something was pushing me to hurriedly leave the town. It was the finger of God!

We entered the town of Kaduna after there was an assault on the Kaduna Airport. I wondered why the activity of the bandits at the airport was not challenged seriously. All we used to hear was that the bandits were repelled. I watched the video of the ,’gallant’ bandits riding on their motorcycles in a long convoy unperturbed and undisturbed.

While I passed through Kaduna State in the train, I saw how ill prepared the political leaders are to secure the lives of those they have sworn to govern. I saw their lack of capacity to solve the insecurity problem in the country. I saw with my own eyes that travelling within Kaduna State, and of course any other part of Nigeria safely, is only an act of God.

Now the bandits had the courage to attack the President’s advance team to Katsina state. The gallant soldiers repelled the courageous bandits and no casualty reported on either side.

It is also possible that the President was packaged into Katsina for the Sallah celebration without been told of the attack on his advance team. And now, the Presidential bodyguard suffered another deadly blow not far from the seat of Government in Abuja, and the President may also not have been told.

What these ‘gallant’ bandits are doing is to test run their capacity and preparedness for the big day of show down. Unfortunately, in this latest fracas, I myself have lost someone and I am in a sad moment.

I personally feel a sense of loss and grief for the loss of Lieutenant Jauro Ibrahim Suleiman and Captain Samuel Atta of the Brigade of Guards. I am a leader in my own right in Kogi State where I come from and I am very closely related to Col Suleiman Ahmadu Babanawa rtd. The deceased Lieutenant Jauro Ibrahim Suleiman was introduced to me by his father, Col Suleiman Ahmadu Babanawa rtd, at a meeting point in Abuja a little over one year ago. I met the tall, lanky, handsome and soft speaking young man who came to see his father. I therefore identify with this unfortunate and unnecessary loss.

Now that Governor Nasir El-rufai is alleged to have addressed the press, and taken the glory that it was him who first made the President know that the bandits have threatened to kidnap him and the President, and that the President was previously unaware of the threat even many days after it was made, a feeling of pity developed in my heart for the President. 

I usually take Governor Nasir El-rufai very seriously as whatever he does and says, is usually with great seriousness. When he speaks, you will believe he is telling the truth even if it is a political propaganda.

I am therefore yet to confirm that what is credited to Governor Nasir El- rufai is what he really said. But if it is true, then what has become very clear to me is that the governor wants people in Authority to be more responsible in taking the matter of banditry more seriously now than ever before. The clock is ticking fast!

Governor Nasir El- rufai is surely feeling frightful of the looming danger of kidnap of himself, family and the President. I am not sure if the Governor showed the President the video of the bandits flogging Nigerians in their grip in the forest, and they, bandits, making a declaration to kidnap the President and governor Nasir El-Rufai. 

Nigerians already know that the same fate will soon befall the President and Governor Nasir El- rufai judging from how the bandits have been allowed to develop wings.

Now, Governor Nasir El- rufai needed Governor Bello Matawalle of Zamfara State to confirm to the President the content of the video of the bandits onslaughts on Nigerans and the threat of kidnapping the President and Governor Nasir El-Rufai.

 I can feel the pain of Governor Nasir El-rufai and his desire that things be done differently now but unfortunately, it seems as if Governor Nasir El- Rufai is on his own. Those who are around the President and whom the President believes in, may have told him something different, and making a lie of Governor Nasir El- -rufai. 

What is at stake among the people who have formed a ring around the President is not the battle against insurgency. For them it seems to be about what each person can get or corner into his or her own pocket. Corruption has been a very big challenge in tackling insecurity in Nigeria.

As the 900 billion naira released by the President, whether enough or not, is the major preoccupation of those who should lead in the fight against insurgency  and not the safety of the President, the bandits rejoice as they come closer to the dooms day of actualizing their devilish plan of kidnapping the President and Governor Nasir El-rufai. So long as the issue is not about telling Mr President the truth by those who have formed the ring around him, and it is a matter of how much each gets from the release of the N900B, then the President is still in grave danger.

 I am a very loyal Nigerian. I have a duty to Country to sound this alarm. I do not want my President or Governor Nasir El- rufai to be kidnapped. I feel Mr President and Governor Nasir El–rufai may soon be kidnapped by the bandits. The President’s handlers should embrace honour and do something quickly!

– Dr. Simeon Oyiguh
Kogi East Neighbourhood Watch (KENW)

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