Why Gov Yahaya Bello Should Contest 2023 Presidency

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It is no longer news that in few years time the current occupant of Nigeria’s exalted office, President Muhammadu Buhari will complete his constitutional term and vacate office.

President Buhari was elected in 2015, and he came in with a bag full of integrity and zero corruption toga to confront and administer the reconstruction of a tattered and battered country. To the Glory of God, a lot have been achieved and a new and better Nigeria is in the offing.

In Kogi State, Governor Yahaya Bello on assumption of office confronted head on the demons of reforms in the security architecture of the state, civil service, infrastructure networks and youth inclusiveness.

The current political scenario in the country will require a committed and forthright leader to undertake such painful but necessary decision for the greater good of its citizenry.

Nigerians understand clearly that leadership must be accompanied with the passion to understand and acknowledge its numerous diversities. Governor Bello have successfully administered a state so diverse by its trinity of tribes and system of engagement. These diversities have been harnessed into one indivisible entity through equity, equality and social justice.

Aside the age factor, Nigerians need a leader who won’t need to undergo the period of learning process that have virtually bedeviled common Nigeria leaders.

There was no need to learn or factor in, a band wagon ripple in Kogi State when COVID came calling. He showed leadership by not falling. He stood and ensured Kogi and its citizens were safe without a lockdown. That alone takes courage and astute show of leadership capacity to achieve.

As Kogites, we must continue to pray for Governor Bello. The Presidency of Nigeria will never leave Abuja and visit just anyone. We must demand for it. We have all participated in electing others. Its time Nigerians also reciprocate our loyalty to its emblem by electing our own. And for the Middle Belt, this is our time to shine. We must not continue retiring our brands to Abuja alone. We must try the murky waters of negotiation. We need the Presidency too!!!!

– Hon Yizogembi Abwa writes from Bassa, Kogi state.

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