Why Dele? – Massive Defection to ADC in Lokoja, Elsewhere Continue

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The jungle of campaigns for the February 25th elections is maturing and Kogi West residents are no more indifferent to the massive and persistent misuse of public resources by the PDP and APC.

The maladministration of these political groups has left our youths jobless, destroyed the education system and caused the price of goods to rise beyond what we earn.

Community development is on the decline while criminality and insecurity is booming. We have passed the era of party loyalty. After all, where has that gotten us?


In Lokoja and beyond, the names Dele Bello-Williams and Farouq Bakabe are resonating. Thousands are leaving the structures built by the status quo to join ADC in solidarity with Barr Dele for Senate, Kogi West; and Bakabe for House of Representatives, Lokoja/Koto Federal. Constituency.

People are in hardship and getting out of the anguish is not difficult. Do we not have representatives in government? Certainly we do. We have only made the wrong choices with the parties and individuals we gave our votes to all these years. PDP fooled us for 17 years while APC enjoyed another fruitless 7 years. At this point, stop whatever you are doing and look beyond them. Our time has come. Do you know why they come to you for votes? It’s because we have the power to change the system.

God has presented us with trusted and capable men; men wey sabi. You should know that communities near you have made up their minds. Barr. Dele Bello-Williams of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) is everyone’s prayer point right now. As far as Kogi West Senatorial District is concerned, our PVCs are Dele-centric – we are voting ADC for senate and House of Reps. Dele has touched more lives than all of them put together. This is good news, right?
Before you read further, answer these questions:

• If I collect money to still vote for them, what will become of my community and the future of my children?
• If I reject their money, would it make me poorer or confident to prosper with a new leadership?
• If I vote ADC for senate would it cost me anything?
• If Kogi West develops, won’t I be proud of it? At least for making it possible.
• To vote APC and PDP again, no be juju be dat?

Dem say soup wey sweet na money cook am… Kogi West wey fine na our vote for ADC do am. Who doesn’t like better things? One of the defectors who preferred not to be mentioned actually admitted that he admired Barr Dele so much. He said “The luckiest Aspirant in Kogi West is the ADC senatorial candidate. I have not met him in person but I believe he is a man of grace”.

He went further to say that Barr. Dele is coming from a good, fertile party, citing the good works of Hon. Elder Leke Abejide in Yagba land.

The task to turn Kogi West and Nigeria around is now. Do not be left behind. Kudos to all the superheroes who have discovered that #Dele4Senate is the way forward; 2baba (Danbabanchi) Support Group for Dele Bello-Williams and many other support groups and individuals. History will be kind to you all.

Say no to the lies and fake promises of those who brought us here. Try something new. Someone you can hold accountable after four years. Join others to vote for ADC for Senate and House of Representatives in Kogi West.

Support #dele4senate. DeleTiDe, ADCTiDe.

Dele Bello-Williams Campaign Team. Kogi West Senate/ADC

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