When Three Legal Musketeers and Senior Advocates Got Ekinrin-Adde Community Titles

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By Stanley Ajileye.

Saturday, December 2, the 2000 capacity ultra- modern multipurpose event centre of Ekinrin-Adde wore a look that was regal in all ramifications.

The first entrance to the magnificently decorated function hall, gave the impression of an agora of the million stars of heaven, taking their turns in consistent blinks, as if taking a twist to the melodious tune of Ibile Entertainment Band led by Cardinal, that breezed out of all corners of the big and well arranged hall.

The tunes from the group, ranged from synchro to ‘Apala,’ mixed with _royal ‘fuji’.

As early as 8.00 am, Cardinal has started his thing, treating guests to the crescendo of his melodious Ibile jibe.

The jibe continued unabated as major attraction, untill the arrival of the trinity Senior Advocates, who, by dint of hard work and unrivalled integrity, have had their names carved on the golden slate of the the Nigeria Legal profession: Baristers Jibrin Samuel Okutepa (SAN), Audu Mela Nunghe (SAN) and Tawo Eja Tawo (SAN) are the legal triplets every Nigerian is eager to meet.

The Paramount Ruler of Ekinrin-Adde, Olu Anthony Bamigbaye Idowu, ACA, CON (Ahe Maworo 1) The Olu-Adde of Ekinrin-Adde, has fished out the trio, for recognition and induction, not only into the citizenship of Ekinrin-Adde, but as right hand Honourary chief to the Olu Adde himself.

Okutepa SAN, was conferred with the tittle of Otunba Olumofin of Ekinrin-Adde which means The King of Law; Mela Nunghe SAN as Otunba Amofin, (The Wisdom of Law) and Tawo Tawo SAN was named as Otunba Olugbofinro, (the Pillar of Law.

According to the monarch, the first encounter with the three ‘musketeers’ was at the valendictory ceremony marking the retirement of Hon. Justice (Dr.) Alaba-Omolaye Ajileye, stressing that he is happy today, to welcome them as sons of the community without any reservation.

One personality that found it difficult to conceal his joy over the honour bestowed on the legal luminaries was Hon. Justice (Dr) Alaba Ajileye, who, in a well crafted speech, has these to say:

“It is with immense joy and gratitude that I stand before you today to express heartfelt appreciation to our esteemed monarch, His Royal Majesty Olu Bamigbaiye Idowu, Chartered Accountant, ACA, Commander of the Order of the Niger, CON, the Olu Adde of Ekinrin-Adde for the gracious act of conferring chieftaincy titles upon my dear friends. This occasion is not only a celebration of their individual merits but also a testament to the magnanimity of His Royal Majesty and his broad-mindedness.

“Your Royal Majesty, your wisdom, and discernment in recognizing my friends and honouring them with these prestigious titles of our community are truly commendable. In bestowing upon them the titles of: OLUMOFIN (The King of the LORD), OLUGBOFINRO (The Pillar of the LAW), and AMOFIN (The Wisdom of the Law) on J. S. Okutepa, SAN; Tawo E. Tawo, SAN; and Mela Audu Nunghe, SAN, respectively you have not only honored them but have elevated the entire community. Probably, it is going to enter into the annals of the history of Nigeria that Ekinrin Adde will be the first town in the country that will be conferring chieftaincy titles on three legal luminaries at one fell swoop. This is a great feat.

“Your Royal Majesty, let me reveal to you today that these eminent citizens and legal practitioners we are honouring today played a significant role at a momentous period in my life. They constituted the engine room of my valedictory program at my retirement. They organised and executed one the most elaborate veledictory programs ever. I asked myself, what can be done to appreciate them? Indeed my answer was, nothing! Kabiyesi, I thank you for this honour, which is a token appreciation.

“Let me turn to my friends, in receiving these titles, please take note that the titles carry with them not just symbols of authority but also the weight of responsibility and leadership.

“Your Royal Majesty, by choosing them for these significant roles, you have placed your trust in their ability to serve our community with dedication, integrity, and a commitment to the greater good of Ekinrin-Adde.

“Chieftaincy titles are not merely honorifics; they are calls to service and embodiments of tradition. As we witness this investiture today, we are reminded of the rich tapestry of our cultural heritage and the importance of upholding the values that have sustained our community for generations.

“OLUMOFIN OKUTEPA, OLUGBOFINRO TAWO and AMOFIN MELA all Senior Advocates this is a moment of both honor and responsibility. May you carry these titles with humility, knowing that the trust bestowed upon you extends beyond individual recognition to a collective belief in your capacity to contribute to the well-being and progress of our community.

“Your Royal Majesty, your visionary leadership is a guiding light for us all. In recognizing and honoring the contributions of individuals, you reinforce the bonds that tie us together as a community. Your commitment to the welfare of our people is a source of inspiration, and today’s ceremony is a reflection of your dedication to preserving our cultural heritage.

“As we revel in the joyous atmosphere of today’s celebration, let us remember that chieftaincy titles are not just markers of status but symbols of service and commitment. May Honourary Chiefs be guided by the principles of leadership, wisdom, and compassion as they assume their roles within the traditional hierarchy.

“In conclusion, Your Royal Majesty, I extend once again our deepest appreciation for the honor you have bestowed upon my friends. May this occasion be a harbinger of continued unity, prosperity, and shared accomplishments for our community……”

Responding on behalf of the trio, Barrister Okutepa SAN, appreciated Olu Adde for his generosity and hospitality, describing the gesture extended to him and his colleagues as one unique way of riding our nation of ethnic bigotry.

He said, it is gratifying that, they are today recognised for what they consider as fulfillment of their natural obligation to the nation.

He said, a key obligation they have embraced, is to rescue our nascent democracy which is consistently being threatened by those that are voted into power to protect it.

The Senior Advocate lamented the absence of good road to Ekinrin-Adde, despite the fact that, the community has citizens that are highly place.

He promised to join hands with his colleagues and other prominent sons and daughters of the Community to continue the enviable commitment to the spirit of self help by the Ekinrin-Adde people.

Night before the conferment of the tittles, the three legal icons and their chain of entourage were treated to a lavishing dinner at the palace of Olu Adde.

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