What You Need To Know About Sports Betting In South Africa

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In the past, South Africa’s government developed a relatively conservative view on sports betting and disapproved of it. However, the National Gambling Act was passed two years after a blanket prohibition on all gambling-related behavior was repealed in 1994. Therefore, Sports betting is now legal in South Africa as long as you are wagering with a licensed bookmaker.   


How Is Online Gambling Governed In South Africa?

Since 1673, gambling has been strictly regulated; until 1996, all types of gambling were prohibited except horse race betting. It’s noteworthy that horse racing wagering was excluded from the definition of gambling since it was regarded as a sporting event. A new democratic administration came into power in 1994, repealing the total ban on gambling, which marked a crucial turning point in the development of the nation’s gambling industry.

Two years later, the National Gambling Act was established, establishing the nation’s comprehensive licensing system. The National Gambling Act of 1996 was repealed, and a new one was enacted in 2004, further liberalizing the sector. However, because interactive casinos continued to be prohibited, there was little change in the internet gaming sector.

Residents of the nation were only permitted to make sports wagers with bookmakers who had received approval from at least one of the nine provinces to do so via the Internet.

Consequently, knowing the laws and rules governing betting activities is usually good before partaking in them.

 Rules And Regulations

South Africa has unquestionably outdone other markets in the continent regarding the regulation of online bookies. The National Gambling Board, which has been in operation since 1966, controls the market through the imposition of gambling legislation. The rules in place are favorable to both operators and gamblers.

As a result, fierce competition exists in the local betting market as more and more foreign business owners decide to put up their platforms across the nation since South Africa is a popular location for sports betting.

Market Size

Currently, South Africa accounts for 80% of the continent’s gambling market, and the nation is a significant player in the worldwide sports betting market, which is anticipated to surpass $237 billion by 2027. Along with the nation’s intense love of sports, more people accessing reliable internet connections and various gadgets like tablets and smartphones helped the market grow.

Customers may now use safe mobile payment solutions like the local M-Pesa and lower data charges than ever before. In addition, an online sportsbook is quite handy, allowing bettors to quickly select their odds and place their wagers.

Top Sports Betting Sites In South Africa

There are several sports betting websites, and in this article, we’ll examine a few of the best in South Africa based on user reviews;


One of the most visited websites in South Africa is this one. The website offers numerous horse racing games and several distinctive features.


The website is distinctive, and it offers new customers a welcome bonus. It is also renowned for supporting a variety of deposit options.


The website is well-liked because it offers its customers the finest chances. The fact that it is simple for new users to use and includes a robust sportsbook adds to the positive experience.


Another well-known website for live game betting is this one. It even functions well on mobile devices and has beautiful features.


They offer a fantastic user experience and are the top betting brand in the nation. Their website is wonderfully designed and has many valuable features.

The Institution That Helps With Gambling Addiction In South Africa

Many South Africans engage in sports betting, and some people suffer from gambling addiction, which affects their lives tremendously. Also, it is illegal for any person under 18 to engage in gambling. The following institution helps with gambling problems in South Africa.

  • South African Responsible Gambling Foundation (SARGF); More than 18,500 persons have received treatment from the SARGF during the previous 18 years.
  • Twin Rivers Rehab; is designed to assist clients in recognizing their attitudes toward and recurring gambling behavior patterns. The client is given a chance to acquire insight into their issue and determine the changes needed to promote their recovery and enhance the quality of their life with the help of their counselor.
  • Gambler Anonymous is a fellowship where men and women come together to share their gambling problems to solve their shared concerns and assist others in recovering from a gambling problem. The willingness to stop gambling is the only prerequisite for membership.


In South Africa, online betting has grown throughout the years. The first step in doing this is creating laws controlling the process’s legality. Several legislative safeguards have been implemented to guarantee that the process’s drawbacks are appropriately minimized. Every customer or online sports betting service provider must follow the laws established to regulate the entire process. Bettors all across the world continue to show interest in sports betting. Regulating these activities is crucial for keeping them in check. While gambling is entirely outlawed in certain nations, it is legalized in other nations, and South Africa is one of them. One thing is sure, the popularity of gambling will only increase.

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