Wemi Jones: Intelligence and Experience Weaved Into a Bunu Human

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Sometime last month, I listened to Wemi Jones talk for about an hour.
Education. Exposure. Class. Refined. Chronic intelligence and flexibility was on display.
He had me listening to his idea while also talking to me like two friends jisting about their school exams.
I would later learn that Wemi has a farm in Kogi West. Thankfully, the quality of people running for various offices in this current election come with capacity and impact.
Let us talk about Wemi’ farm:
It is located in Aiyede Bunu in Kabba/Bunu Local Government Area, Which Houses about 40 hectares of Cassava at various stages of development.  At peak periods,  about 70 to 100 people  are employed to work on the farm daily.
He told me recently, “We are actually planning to go into full cassava processing with the aim of encouraging locals to go into big time cassava cultivation with our processing plant as the off taker of such farm produce.  We intend to have a minimum of 200 permanent staff and 300 casual workers at some stage of our operation”.
That is visionary. That is a work in progress. Something we can see. It is not the usual vague promises of “humanitarian” nonsense politicians bandy about.
Wemi is rich in experience and his capacity has weight. He manages the Grandeur Event Center, Ikeja, the live-wire of Lagos.
Today, we are going for Wemi, he has paid the price and comes with the experience to move the people and infrastructural struggles of his people forward.
– Promise Emmanuel (Kogi Rebel)

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