Wemi Jones 2019: Let’s Get Involved!

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It is no longer news that Hon. Wemi Ojo Jones, FCIB is the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate in the 2019 general election for Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu Federal House of Representatives seat.
The assignment before us is tagged ‘Our Project’. The Irorun De intending parliamentarian is well prepared for the job. One thing you can not take away from Okun people is that they are known to be pragmatic and resilient. Whenever duty calls, they are ever ready to support who ever they can entrust their mandate with for quality service delivery.
2019 House of Representatives election is going to be a different scenario from what it was in the past because it is going to be far beyond politicking. It is time we rewrite history and set a new master plan for good governance.
There are issues bordering on legislations, which hitherto nothing tangible had been done. It might not be wrong to say that maybe the right peg is not in the right hole but the time is ripe to take our destiny in our hands. The scripture says in Isaiah 1:18, ‘come now and let us reason together….’. Therefore, time have come for well meaning people of the constituency to come together for a better and more prosperous Federal Constituency. We need to change the narrative for the sake of genuine development. Consequently, we need to discard the old ways of thinking and challenge the status quo.
Wemi Jones has presented his 8-point agenda. They are not coming with propaganda rather a realistic approach designed for a new beginning. The agenda will be fully implemented without any segregation or nepotistic tendencies. No district would be left behind and that is a pledge Wemi Jones intend to fulfill.
The challenges we face as a constituency rest on two critical issues; infrastructural deficiencies and unfavorable socio-economic environment. These will be explicitly addressed through robust bills, collaboration with relevant governments/agencies and lobbies.
Let us get involved!  The people are waiting to see what we will make of this opportunity and it behoove on us not to allow this to elude us. Wemi Jones is persistently pained to still see his people being denied what ordinarily is their right. Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency is large, no doubt and we’re endowed with natural resources/human capital but still waiting for the right man to harness these potentials. Now, time have come for us as electorates to use what we have to get what we want. We should be on the right path and vote for candidate Wemi Jones. What matters here goes beyond party line, it’s about us it’s about our future and the generation coming behind. Let change the conversation from what we are getting to who we are becoming. This  makes  it  an  authoritative  measure  of  human  progress,  offering  a  unique  insight  into  how  prosperity  is  forming  and  changing  across  the  world.   Jones is a man of high repute,  dogmatic, absolute winning spirit, wonderful wealth of experience, fantastic track record with humility that is rare.
As we count down to the general elections, your decision today will reflect on the kind of change we need.
– Emmanuel Oni writes from Kogi State.

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