‘We’ll Resist Every Attempt to Return Us Back to the Dark Days in Ebiraland’ – CATVE

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Recently, His Excellency, Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello, the Executive Governor of Kogi State has been on the march to evenly distribute dividends of democracy to every part of the State in fulfilment of his social contract with the masses. His last stop was the Government Technical College, Ihima which lays as a hip of ruin. We are indeed delighted that the school is about enjoying a beautiful look. We are very proud of you, Your Excellency.

Having been a pillar behind our struggle to rid Kogi state of electoral violence come 2023, we make bold to say that there is misrepresentation of His Excellency’s speech at the flag off of the rebuilding of Government Technical College in Oboroke, Ihima, Kogi State where a circulating video while addressing the masses is beign misrepresented that His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello is promoting the drumbeat of war against the opposition.

Our understanding of the speech delivered by His Excellency on that faithful day as widely circulated is that his government is ready to stop any incursion of violence into the 2023 elections and that he will also not spare his appointees who act misguidedly to foment trouble in its minute form will fall under the harmer. This is our understanding of the speech.

We advise that His Excellency’s comment should not be viewed as a license to foment crisis by politicians and we condemn in totality any person however highly placed or group of persons who maybe nursing the idea of using violence to secure victory during the 2023 general elections. Our Organization shall rise high to expose such persons with the support of the Governor irrespective of Party affiliation so that our people can have peace.

We call on our Royal Fathers to stand tall in condemning acts of violence and insecurity to agents of terror and drum it into their ears that democracy behoves on everyone to choose in a peaceful atmosphere whom they wish to represent them. The people should not be cowed into becoming helping hands to foment terror and reducing democracy to a mere drama.

We also want to admonish Candidates who may want to rely on misinterpreting the Governor’s speech to mean a ratification of violence to curry votes to as a matter of candid advice begin to embark on wining votes through issue-based campaigns and persuasion as they will not be permitted in any way to use violence to gain electoral favours. We are more informed as a people not to give privileges to those who do not appreciate peace to represent us. As aspirants, their success lies in the power of ballot not guns. When they rely on violence to win elections, they are telling the electorates that they are not worthy to represent the people.

We appeal to His Excellency to put matter straight by denouncing the perceived message of violence in his speech as we are very convinced that His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello will never play to the gallery as he will not allow the interest of few to ruin the legacy he is working so hard to leave behind and this legacy will definitely not be helping any individual however close the aspirant maybe to win elections via violence or any means that will NOT provide a level playing field.

We all are Anebiras and we know the Governor will not want to be a disintegrating father sowing seeds of discord that will lock our peace and throw away the keys.
Thank you

Oganya Abdulrazak Mamman (Hommies)
Spokesperson for the Campaign Against Thuggery and Violence in Ebiraland (CATVE).

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