Wait Till 2019, Fanwo Tells Faleke

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The Director General on Media and Publicity to the Governor, Kingsley Fanwo has told Hon. Abiodun Faleke to cease his “unwarranted attacks on Governor Yahaya Bello and wait till 2019 to achieve his political dream”.
Fanwo made this known while reacting to the latest attacks on the Governor by Hon. Abiodun Faleke on the allegation of double registration.
In his words, Faleke has “failed to move on from the defeat he suffered at all levels of tribunal”, reminding the House of Representatives member that there would be no governorship election again in Kogi State until 2019.
“In politics, sportsmanship is key. Those who lose must come to terms with their loss and move on. Unfortunately, Hon. Abiodun Faleke failed to accept defeat.
“The issue of double registration is beyond what he could meddle in. He should stop dragging the name of Mr President into the matter in order to whip up sentiments and portray the Governor in bad light.
“Faleke started the attack by dissociating himself from the hugely successful APC Kogi West Rally. He alleged some people were dropping his name to pull crowd.
“Unfortunately, he didn’t even get the date correctly. He was ill-informed. Those who told him his name was being dropped didn’t even know the date of the rally.
“But as soon as thousands trooped out in Kabba, he got disappointed and chose to sink further by swerving to the bogus allegation of double registration. It is understandable that he would be livid after learning that thousands of Kogi West people endorsed the President and the Governor for another term. The massive crowd at Kabba showed the person in charge of Kogi politics. Propaganda and peddling of falsehood cannot change gold to silver.
“Trying to call the Governor a bad name did no harm to the massive endorsements on our President and the Governor at Kabba. Faleke should move away from the cage of his handful supporters and embrace reality.
“If he wants to be Governor, he has a political right to contest against the Governor. Whatever he wants should not be enough to make him turn himself to an unwise fighter who doesn’t know when it is over.
“The same Faleke took to his social media to condemn President Muhammadu Buhari after the Supreme Court told the former he couldn’t be Governor because he didn’t contest to be Governor as if our President was a part of the Panel that decided his case. President Buhari is known worldwide as a man of integrity. Nobody can take that away from him”.
He said the administration of Alh. Yahaya Bello has administered the state transparently, insisting that the income and expenditure of government have been published periodically for public perusal.
“We have nothing to hide. They keep mentioning figures received without telling the world the wage bill of government and the cost of embarking on massive road projects across the state, including the road leading to Faleke’s town.
“They have not told us how much we are repaying every month for loans taken by the previous administrations which were either outrightly stolen or misapplied on non-productive ventures. APC will continue to win elections in Kogi State because the Governor is acting right. The world must know that the Media campaign against the Governor was orchestrated by people who wanted to seize power in Kogi at all cost, including dragging the name of the state in the mud just to achieve their inordinate ambitions”.
Fanwo called on Faleke and other “diaspora politicians” to return home and work with government to ensure development.
In a related development, the Governor’s spokesperson thanked the thousands of APC supporters who trooped out to endorse President Muhammadu Buhari for a second term.
He said the nation will get even stronger if Buhari remains in office till 2023.
“To the Kogi West people, Mr. President has heard your voice. He will soon tell us if he has accepted our endorsement or not. But one thing is clear: Kogi State will continue to vote Buhari and the All Progressives Congress”, he said.

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