Wada Encourages Inter-Faith Marriage As Omokore’s Son Marries Ambassador Abdulkadir Fari’s Daughter

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Interfaith marriage has been described as one of the key element to the success of the nation’s unity especially in this time when the country is passing through its trying moment.

Capt Idris Wada, the Kogi State Governor stated this at the wedding ceremony between former Miss Faizer Abdulkadir Fari, daughter to Ambassador Abdulkadir Fari, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Petroleum Resources from Jigawa State, a Moslem and Oluwatosin Omokore, a Christian and son to Chief Jide Omokore a business man from Kogi State.

The nation, Capt Wada noted can be better united when inter tribal and inter religious marriages are encouraged and consummated by young Nigerians.

The Governor noted that the country remains a super power when it is together and as presently constituted with it present population strength.

The Governor called on the newly wedded couple to imbibe the lessons of love and friendship to enjoy a blissful marriage.

Wada appealed to the couple to be weary of the company they keep and the advise they receive from friends,called on them to always have trust for one another, understanding and faith in God Almighty.

The Governor charged the couple to make cardinal the need to keep the vows of chastity and faithfulness adding that marriage is an institution ordained by God and the wish of every parent.

He described Chief Jide Omokore and Ambassador Abdulkadir Fari as men who are well respected in the country, urged the couple to follow the footsteps of their parents of humility, simplicity and be philanthropic to worthy causes.

In his speech the father of the Groom, Chief Jide Omokore, thanked those who graced the occasion, said his believe in one Nigeria and towards strengthening the nations bond of unity necessitated his encouraging the union.

Similarly, Ambassador Fari, appealed to Nigerians to make the continuous existence of the country their watchword, adding that the nation by its numerical strength is the envy of all.

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