Victory for Natasha Akpoti in Court’ll Be An Emblem for Democratic Liberation in Nigeria

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Comrade Sunday Jatto, a member of Amnesty International, United State of America, has said that only the victory for Barr. Natasha Akpoti in court on Thursday October 31, 2019, could guarantee an emblem for democratic liberation in Nigeria.

Jatto, a human right lawyer, disclosed this in a statement he signed and made available to journalists on Wednesday in Lokoja.

Jatto said that the recent annulment of some political parties in Kogi and Bayelsa States of Nigeria, against the incoming Governorship elections scheduled for Nov. 16, by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), called for the attention of the Judicial system in Nigeria and Global human rights instrumentalities.

According to him, the provisions anchored on Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) of relevant sections also enshrined at wider range into the Nigeria Constitution, are meant to protect the fundamental rights of every Nigerian (Chapter 4 section 33 to 43 as amended in 1999 Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria) inter alia.

He stressed that the section remained as valid human rights covenants to obey by any person(s) or Institution(s) just the way people can obey the word of God. 

”And while the constitution of Nigeria recognizes every person that is eighteen (18) years and above as Adult, consequent upon was also consolidated by the recent bill in the National Assembly (Congress), passed and signed into law on “Not too Young to Run” in order to liberate certain categories of Nigerians locked under political disfranchisements especially the women.

”That much to the consternation of Nigerians on Sept. 30, 2019, the INEC declared to the public the telegraphic information Acts to ban some political parties and Nigerians from contesting Governorship election.

”This, by interpretation and implication, meaning that some Nigerians who are below 35 years even if the person is 34 years are minor in ages  and are politically incapacitated to run an election for a particular office such as the Deputy Governor.

”At this computer age or information age, powered by abundant acquired knowledge, civilization and education,” Jatto reiterated.

He, therefore, said that on the basis of renaissance global pool of resource advantages, such declarations by INEC could be described as insults to Nigerians, human developments and human right abuses placed on International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), African Charter on Humans and People’s Right (ACHPR).

”That with clear evidences, INEC cleared many aspirants who are below 35 years in many part of Nigeria to contest elections, why should Kogi and Bayelsa be different, then? 

”The sensitive political organization such as INEC should not be identified with double standards.

”Therefore, the Barr. Natasha case before the court in Nigeria who is the candidate for Social Democratic Party (SDP); and the only popular woman representing women in Kogi governorship race, is no doubt will receive high level legal professional touch favour and verdict favour.

”This is a reflection from the premises of UDHR, ICCPR, ACHPR, ICESCR which are enforceable in any court of law both International and local court worldwide,” he said.

He opined that the the INEC Acts that have so much to do with the Nigerians destinies, should unconditionally undergo the national forensic reviewing and ratification by the National Assembly.

”Conclusively, the INEC Acts that have so much to do with the Nigerians destinies, suggested unconditionally to undergo the national forensic reviewing and ratification by the National Assembly, to compromise human rights standard and devolution of unforeseen likely lacuna inherences, playing in the system,” Jatto said.

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