Usman Okai Austin; The Democrat Whose Consistency is Digitally Referenced

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It takes absolute hardworking and the grace of God for one to be relevant in a complex political theatre like ours. Usman Okai Austin has proven his doggedness with a consistent voice of change. It is a rare feature I secretly model.

In this murky political dispensation, he pitched tent against the grain and emotions of the ruling party without considering whose ox is gored. He blatantly refused to trade the interest of the masses for a “quid pro quo” even when he was in a pole position to strike the deal.

He is no doubt the most revered media crusader in our horde. His strides and activism for good and responsible leadership is second to none. I fell for it as started following him since 2015 when Kogi political gladiators were sphering their wits in our political terrain.

We have never shared the same political ideology but we are never enemies as we talked and interact like those from the same womb. The buildups to the last gubernatorial election in the state which saw my rigorous campaign for Barrister Natasha Hadiza Akpoti, despite been approached by some stakeholders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), should have perfectly sworn us into rivalries, but Austin Okai, unlike some cyberspace lieutenants recruited to reprimand and vomit venomous utterances from their vulgarized cavity on perceived enemies of their boss, ward off politics and polished our brotherhood with an expensive ink.

He is nothing but a blessing to the Igala kingdom. Okai remind me of Martin Luther King jr, the greatest freedom fighter the world has ever known. When Martin Luther King jr stormed the street protesting against the maltreatment of black Americans by the so called White supremacists, he was accused even by his kinsmen of involving infants in his protest. When Martin Luther King jr adjusted and entered into the street of Chicago with adults who were ready to give out their whole nine yards for the conviction, he was also accused of involving gangsters who are ready to loot shops in his activism against the maltreatment of black Americans.

Okai, you may been accused, misunderstood, crucified and even threatened, YES! but please never give up in this magnificent conviction, continue to push and forge on. The Lord will continue to bless, honor and vindicate you before your enemies. (Amen)

– Samuel Mona Endurance wrote from Abuja.

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