Tribunal Discourse: Yahaya Bello’s Camp Already Feel Defeated – Omoluabi Olabode

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Today was my first appearance in tribunal because I have always believed I don’t have business there as I am not a lawyer but being today and listening to the erudite, articulate and intellectually mobile Joe Agada, I was more assured of victory for Capt Wada.



I would rather say that the Yahaya Bello’s camp already feel defeated, I won’t imagine the kind of touts they brought to court as if they were there for war and not legal battle. After feeling sense of defeat they resorted too violence again, throwing stones and shouting “Sai Bello” my car was touched in the process.



Myself, Banji Aiyelabowo Itura, Earnest Balagbogbo and some other fine young men narrowly escaped their madness.




I will continue to insist that I’ve known and been living with Ebira people since my childhood, coincidentally all my best friends at every stages of my life till now have happened to be Ebira people even though I have lived majority of my years outside Kogi state, the Ebira people that I know are well cultured, decent, intelligent, loving and very accommodating.



My best friend till date, whom I was his best man during his wedding despite being a Muslim, is still an Ebira man, Dr Onimisi Abdullah.



I have had course to spend holidays in Agassa, Okene during my undergraduate days with my bosom friend and brother, Nasir Omeiza Salihu, who is now a lecturer at Federal University of Technology, Minna. All of these great friends have proven to me that Ebira people are welcoming and hospitable. I must therefore criticize, condemn and unequivocally dissociate the culture of Ebira people from the barbarism, touting, hooliganism and despicable attitude of uninformed, uneducated and uncultured few that have turned themselves to supporter of Yahaya Bello that have taken pride in painting the good people of Ebira nation in bad light.



Today’s tribunal signaled the beginning of the end for the incumbent and any sincere person who was in court will agree to this. The court admitted the recounted ballots as exhibit despite all efforts by J. B Daudu SAN,  Yahaya Bello’s lawyer to stop it.


Omoluabi Olabode Adeyemi

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