Tiny Beating Hearts: NGO to Hold Stakeholders Meeting, Advocates for Pregnant Women, Neonates

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Tiny Beating Hearts Initiative, an organization which centres around prevention of prematurity, advocacy to reduce prematurity and deaths arising from complications of prematurity and support for premature babies will be  holding a stakeholders meeting on Thursday August 30, 2018 on the the theme, Strengthening the Kogi State Healthcare System to Deliver Effective Service to Pregnant Women and Neonates.

In a press statement signed by the Founder and Executive Director of the organization, Mrs Petra Akinti Onyegbule,  the gathering will involve stakeholders drawn from key policy makers and health practitioners who will take a critical look at “where we were, where we are, where we need to be and what we need to get there as a state as far as service delivery to pregnant women and newborns especially preemies are concerned.”

As we meet to deliberate it would be poignant to bear in mind the fact that accessibility isn’t only about “distance and motorable roads. That access to healthcare, good and quality healthcare takes cognizance of the socioeconomic factors that are predominantly at play in our society and how best to tackle the inequality which makes it difficult or even impossible for pregnant women to access professional health services; the same factors which condemn preemies born to low income earners or poor families to death in infancy or to live unwholesome lives.

“As we gather to deliberate we will be conscious of the fact that if it isn’t affordable then it is not accessible,” she stated.

She said  the organization will also be presenting medical equipment for care of preemies, and consumables to ease the burden of prematurity on indigent families.

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