The Selfish Enemies of Kogi State

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The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government. Any government devoid of these is a shamble and enemy of the masses. The praise and appraisal of any government should be premised on its value for the welfare of the governed.

It is never a gainsaying to say the government in power in Kogi state is an enemy of the masses because the happiness of the people is never a value to it. The blind can see in it in Kogi state that we’ve never had it so bad like this in history. We have a government that doesn’t care about the life of its citizens but sees death resulting from avoidable causes as an act of God, a government that doesn’t pay salaries but in the business of hiring gullible youths to defend its atrocities.

Mehmet Murat ildan once said “Bad governments always lie because telling the truth requires honour and courage!” This was demonstrated by this government last year in Abuja when the pilot said Kogites are all happy, salaries are being paid as at when due and that projects are ongoing, then I wondered if there’s actually anything called conscience.

The problem of Kogi state will not have been an issue if only we have people that have conscience around those in power to be telling them the truth even if not often but at least occasionally. But Kogi is so unfortunate that the people surrounding these power drunk are gullible people that doesn’t care about the poor masses as long as they are getting drops to quench their parched throat.

I wonder why a sane person will be out their supporting and defending the heartlessness of this government and yet even still be canvassing for its return. Can’t we have people that will give priority to the welfare of the general populace?

The saddest part of it is to see youths that call themselves media aides supporting the evil deeds of this government. They forget to understand that even if this government gets itself back to power through violence (because it can never get back through peaceful process), it will elapse after four (4) years and them (the youths) that still have a long way to go would have damaged their own identities for supporting these evils.

These people supporting and defending these evils are the real enemy of Kogi state. Sooner or later, you shall all reap what you are sowing.

– Elijah Babatunde Sunday writes from Lokoja.

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