The Quest for a New Attah Igala and the Need to Employ Caution Above Desperation

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It has come to my notice a certain information going the rounds, especially the social media in the last few days, that Samuel Opaluwa had been chosen by the Ajuamachor ruling house to be presented to the kingmakers for onward coronation as the next Attah of Igala.

This misleading information is further buttressed by a certain video, that has gone viral, of a purported selection of the same person by a factional group of the Ajuamachor ruling house led by a certain Etu Jacob Yahaya (ACP Retired).

Ordinarily, one would have been quiet over such a laughable, kangaroo arrangement that does not hold water, but for a serious matter that borders on the selection of a person for the revered stool of the Attah of the Igala nation, there is a strong need to put the records straight and erase any erroneous and misleading misconceptions that such anti traditional hype might cause on the unsuspecting and concerned citizens of Igala descent.

To begin with, the traditional stool of the Attah is such that evokes respect and decorum to the extent that contenders should not be seen as exhibiting acts of desperation such as going to hire an individual from Lafiya in Nasarawa state to come and chair a Kangaroo factional meeting for the selection of the family designate especially when such a hired person’s patrilineal descent cannot be clearly traced to the Ajuamachor family.

Further to this, is the fact that the eldest living member of the Ajumachor family is the only legally recognized person to summon a meeting of the entire family or selected elders of the family and preside over such for the selection of the family member to be presented to the kingmakers.

As at record time, I remain the eldest living member of the Ajumachor family and the current chairman of the Ajumachor ruling house and doubles also as the chairman of the four ruling houses namely; Ajuamachor, Ajuakogu, Ajuocholi and Ajuaku.

The purported selection is not to the knowledge of myself and the Elders of the family and therefore is ultra vires.

It must be noted that the Ajumachor ruling house is a peace loving family and will not condone the manipulative actions of desperate contenders to the throne, who are only out to cause confusion and chaos. Any further actions, inactions from such desperate persons should be further disregarded as the only legally recognized person to preside over the nomination/selection of the family’s designate is my humble self.

Having broken my silence on this matter, I will henceforth from time to time pass on information on further developments on the family’s activities on this all important matter.

Prince Peter Achimugu Oguche-Akpa
Chairman, Ajuamachor family

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