The Obvious Negligence of Kogi State; Need for Federal Government to Have a Rethink

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A lot of infrastructural developments has been happening under the APC led administration under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari but little seems to have been extended to Kogi State.

One would have accepted this unjust treatment if Kogi state citizens weren’t part of the key players in the emergence of present Government, one would have assumed the state is being neglected as a result of our reneging antecedents towards the ruling party but the reverse is the case. Kogi State citizens has proven overtime their unalloyed support for the president, which dated as far back as 2003 till date. 

The records of Kogi state votes in support of President Buhari are out there to guide every well meaning Nigerian.

Aside the political support Kogi people has given to the president, the confluence nature of Kogi State has placed it in an unavoidable location which serve as main gateway for travelers across the country.

This singular reason ought to have been enough to draw the attention of the Federal  ministry of works and housing in attending to the several federal roads in the state but the reverse seems the case. We have been badly treated to the point that we can no longer take the unjust punishment.

Recently, 21 roads were awarded for rehabilitation across the country yet Kogi state was not captured. Where states like Niger was favored with over one thousand three hundred kilometres (1300KM) stretch of road to be reconstructed, Kogi state couldn’t get fifty kilometers (50KM).

While some quarters are of insinuation that kogi state must have been shortchanged by some political heavy weight at the national level, I still want to belive this is a mistake on the side of of FederalGovernment and ministry of works and housing.

We are appealing to Mr President, and the minister of works and housing Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola to please as a matter of urgency look into the infrastructural needs of Kogi state.

We will love to see our show of love Mr. President reciprocated in return with good gesture, the federal Government’s body language towards Kogi state people so far depict an act of ingratitude, we want to believe this is a mistake that can still be corrected.

Kogi people deserves every attention the Federal Government can offer, Kogi State is too important to be neglected.

– Amb. Mahmud Amoto writes from Abuja.

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