The Marginalization of Igala Nation and 2023 Elections

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It is crystal that Igala Nation has been relegated and excluded socially and politically over the years. The present situation of Igala Nation is awful as the majority were reduced to the lower limits by the minority in a proportional game with a higher rate of stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination.

The life cycle of a typical Igala man in Igala Nation has been reduced to half of it anticipation as a result of psychological trauma, economic degradation, structural dilapidation, social frustration, political intimidation, alarming rate of insecurity and cultural alienation. The political bourgeoisie has cut off the entire Igala race from socio-economic structure of the state to enhance perpetual suffering on the people.

The 2023 election is another year of political liberation, freedom and salvation, another opportunity to rewrite the political history of Igala Nation, another chapter that calls for political forgiveness amongst the gladiators of Igala race, another window to showcase our proportion, another opportunity to do away from Pulling Him Down (PHD) syndrome and personal aggrandisement.

The brains behind our pitiable sociopolitcal situation are clamouring for indefinite hatred, enmity and divisive amongst our youth, they have started singing the songs of aversion for us, they have started preaching their abysmal ideology of political violence amongst our desperate youth and elites.

Let us widen our political horizon to encompass our diverse idealism, peaceful coexistence, social justice and and spirit of oneness.

Like Soweto, we can avoid our own night falling by sacrificing our personal, religious, and sectional political interest for the generality of Igala Nation. Indeed we can avoid seeing moon from our various houses. We are not welcome nor trusted by the people who are humiliating us. Let us unite ourselves for better tomorrow, and the time is now.

Though the traditional institutional might fail us, some youth of promising tomorrow might let us down, some of our political elites might play us to the gallery but most importantly let us not play ourselves out of the game, if we must rekindle hope for the next generation, if we must rebuild our social welfare, if we must strengthen our economy derivations, if we must redeem our glory, if we must get ourselves out of this vicious life cycle, collectively we can do it, yes we can!

We must not continue to be an instrument of dehumanising our brothers, kinsmen and humanity to please others, we must not always live in pieces to give others peace, let us resets our perspectives, and our history.

The greatest sacrifice of Omadoko and Inikpi to unite the Igala Nation shall not be in vain.
Just my view, thank you all.

– Sule Isa Akagwu Kpaleko writes from Anyigba, Kogi State.

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