The Man Engr. Sule Haruna Abutu Branon

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Indeed Engineer Sule, the son of Haruna Iyale and a household name in Anyigba, happens to have gotten hold of life at its soft center and made the best of it. Though it was accepted that life itself is a puzzle only a few people are lucky to unravel it, Engr Sule Branon is one of such persons.

In his serene, outstandingly and eventful life, he has recorded success that can best be compared to the people of more than two centuries of life. A distinguished professional and successful career Public Servant is not a mere title, a quiet humanitarian of our time, a man who good does of hard work has gone into his fibre, with an extra-ordinary brilliance, focus and intelligence that is colluding with fate and putting themselves at his back, indeed he had every of his steps, a route to fortune.

Engr Sule Branon, at his prime age, has worked and still working to better the lots of the downtrodden and less privileges in the society, whereas his antecedent and disposition has wore him the garment of honour.

Little did his friends and school mates at old Government Secondary School Dekina and that of Federal Polytechnic Idah knew how this young man could excel but with prayers, determination, faith and support from his family most especially his brother and role model, an Engineer of highly repute, and port consultancy, Engr Yusuf Haruna he became not only versatile but successful.

We pray that one day we shall step unto your shoe for us to contribute our quota to the development of our fatherland. We also pray to put on the garment of honour as you did rather than wear the mask of disgrace.

In his education progression, he went to University of Technology Owerri and Federal University of Technology, Minna for his first, second and PHD programs.

Engr Sule Branon silently sponsored and assisted reasonable numbers of students for acquisition of various certificates for self reliance. A developmental activists cum philanthropist of our time, in recent time, he mounted solar energy light across major streets in Anyigba as a result of the epileptic nature of power outage in the town. In his personal capacity, he has fixed some township road in Anyigba on temporary measure. The moment he ascended the position of Special Adviser Technical to Honorable Minister for State of Agriculture and a Director in same Ministry, he has employed people into difference Ministries and Parastatals.

Engr Sule Branon is a quintessential man of humor, simplicity and hospitality, as member of Society of Engineering it is glaring and crystal that he has paid his due to the society. We invoke on the Supreme Being, the omnipotent and omnipresent to continue to guard and protect you along your family, well wishers and all the good people with humanitarian ideology, indeed we are proud of you always.

– Sule Isa Akagwu Kpaleko
Anyigba, Kogi State.

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