The Hope of Kogites After Buhari Won

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Indeed, our State is facing numerous challenges, and I recognise that no conscious efforts are being made at any level to resolve them; but all hope are not lost.

We are witnessing different degrees of social, economic, and political difficulties, compounded by the challenge of non regular payment of backlog of workers salaries and arrears in Kogi state. The good thing is that this situation tasks the ability to be audacious with hope.

In the last three years of Yahaya Bello’s administration the results have been failed promises, poverty, lack of economic development, hunger, deprivation, and insecurity. The people are alienated from government at all levels.

Across the length and breadth of Kogi state, the fundamental question should be how can we ensure that our political actors think and believe more in the collective than in the self? How do they develop a macro-view, as against the micro-vision? we have to moved away from the period of political hegemony and civilian oligarchs, this people are pulling us backwards.So, the big question is – how do we turn this situation around? What steps can we take to bring about good governance and transformation, from this discouraging environment?

Remember what I said earlier – that we must have a steel-heart for hope, a resolve to pull ourselves out of the doldrums, and a spirit to excel. I am convinced that we can move to a level where the public interest becomes the better interest in Kogi state.

Yes, the All Progressive Congress (APC) has won the presidential election but we must not allow Kogi state to sink in the hands of Yahaya Bello and Edward Onoja who sees the State treasury as a tool for enrichment.

The presidential election result from Kogi state is a prove point that we the Kogites can give Bello packing come November governorship election in Kogi state.

Despite all the intimidation and abductions of some top political class  of other political parties, the result speaks clearly that Kogites are sick and tired of this government. It will amaze you to know that some of his political appointees couldn’t deliver their polling unit, it tells you that there is enough hope for us to get things right.

I thereby call on all the eligible electorate from Kogi state to know that there’s a big task ahead. Join this movement and keep the hope alive.

– Audu Stanley Ojochogwu, a freelance journalism who also engage in some diplomatic services.

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