The Gangsterism and Corruption Gluttony of PDP and Collaborators

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Distinguished Nigerians, let me first bore you with this quote which says “The weevil spoils the beans and say, I has never spoil food” – Can the weevil be cleared by it’s conscience? The beans is actually a food to the owner who may get hungry if that is the only food he owned.

Often times when these gang of conscienceless thieves and their unpatriotic toady talks or writes they fails to know that not all Nigerians are unlearned of history and morally labile, they are out like hungry wolves very desperate to carnivorously continue to feed from Nigerians’ common patrimony, PDP are in their usual deceit and desperation preaching to give Nigerians food, How can the weevil that spoiled our only begotten beans be preaching to give us food, this mocks and belittle our intelligent as a people.

They talk about poor economy as if they were not the ones who had milked the country dry, they ruled this country for sixteen years and all they have to show for it is private businesses,properties and schools that public fund was diverted to, Atiku boasts of his businesses and employees as if   his businesses are not offsprings of his thievery and loots as the then Vice President of Nigeria, as the then Vice President of Nigeria and the head of the economic team he privatised most of Nigerian’s firms to himself, as a Vice President then he never in acting capacity acted as President of Nigeria in absence of President Obasanjo because his boss President Obasanjo could not have trusted him due to his disloyalty and egoistic attitude.

We are all in this country and we witnessed the highest level of impunity, injustice, institutionalized public fund embezzlement under PDP government which the formal President Goodluck Jonathan made a remark saying ordinary stealing Nigerians calls it corruption. 

Diezeni Allison Madueke, The petroleum minister under PDP, GEJ government stole billions of Naira and purchased properties worth billions home and abroad using public fund, we all know about Dasukigate, the ATM man who collaborated with other security chiefs and diverted fund meant to fight Boko haram, They court martial our great soldiers who were not well equipped for running off the battle front.

Obasanjo/Atiku government claimed to have spent billions of dollars on Power but till year 2015 power generation was less than 5000Mw, where did the money go to? Private pocket.

Under PDP government, Boko haram was allowed to root and flourish so that they could continue to divert public fund to private pockets under the guise that the money were being used to fight insecurity in the North.

It is not a surprise as to the recent unholy matrimony of Obasanjo and Atiku, it is very simple, Baba’s many trunks being used to draw from the Nigerian treasury are being blocked by President Muhammadu Buhari, hence he need his most crucified looter-friend Atiku to save his interest.

Just like the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo said, these Nigerians’ common enemies have collaborators everywhere, even in religion, petty pastors and Muslim clerics are out collaborating with this evils because they no longer getting free monies or stolen fund as tithes and offerings.

PDP’s gluttonous greed to loot is likening to none, and they will stop at nothing until the country called Nigeria is drained of it’s wealth.

– Prince Muhammed-J Nuhu (Prince MJN)

WhatsApp/Call: 08169967501, IG:@princemjn, Twitter: @princemjn, Facebook: @realprincemjn.

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