The Fate of 500 Teachers in Kogi State Employed by Wada Gov’t

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On behalf of the over 500 Teachers employed by the Wada Government duly employed after having done recruitment examinations since 2012 and the qualified interviewed 2013 after which 2014 lasted without a word from the former government of Governor Wada only to be employed late 2015 to which we have  been given employment letter but our names have not been put in the payroll.

I wish on behalf of these group of people to urge the sitting Governor to do the needful:

I, on behalf of these group of people wish to restate our solidarity to the governor and governor to accede to our plight trusting what the governor said and I quote ‘no worker who has worked will go unpaid under my administration’, (quoting the governor).

We have already started working and hope to resume for this Third term as we were among those who ended The Second Term with our various schools.

Thanks the Listening governor.

– Lola Taiwo

On Behalf of the Teachers

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