The Dead and The Clip: Justice Holds Humanity Than Sympathy Do

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I read with iota of dismay the manner in which many nay sayers took to cyber space to parade their haunting guilt cum conscientious cruelty over the unfolded audio conversation between the late Abdulrazak Idris and the much indicted Okehi Administrator, Abdulraheem Ohiare.

To those closely and genuinely associated or related to Mattaz, no gain saying that Barr. Natasha Hadiza Akpoti would have as well joined you to mourn his death with befitting records if she has any at her disposal. Unfortunately, record went unkind to the deceased. The conversation therein the clip is much ado but topic for other times.

Like she mourned the death of Late Yusuf Adabenege (Sementy), she did to the late son of HRH Ado Ibrahim, like she did to Late Ojo Enesi who untimely paid the undue for price gun running in the pre-election attacks.

Beyond the Tao family, Barr. Natasha did it to Late Prof. Pius Adesanmi and many other reputable souls numerous to mention. While she condemned the horrible exit of some, many others had their families enjoyed her philanthropic gestures and grief relieving condolences.

What humanity beholds more or less of that if I may ask? What will humanity tell of her for the hundreds of orphan pupils under her care? Isn’t that humane enough?

The Dead? Yes, no gain say, that every soul shall taste death but no soul is to harm or orchestrate the death of another either for vengeance or for worldly position and material gains. Not even science would be unfair in matter of ‘living and dead’ let alone religion or tradition that condemns killing or harm of any kind. For we remain mortals, here we wish all dead rest in peace for good and all living live long for better.

The Clip? No, it wouldn’t have amazed us more the manner in which the guilty hands reacted so offensively, knowing fully well the gravity of the record left behind for time and law to devour. More unamazing to their plea is the depth of involvement and the fear of someday when what man consumed will in turn consume man.

Rather than looking out for who called the kettle black while the smoke is gone, I think the heaven would be more kind if they had eschewed arrogance. I mean if they had ponder over the hard lessons life is teaching its subjects at this crucial time. If they could desist from the evil path being tread by the scoundrels in power. If they had repent and soberly joined conscience together to to seek forgiveness over the “dead” and seek deliverance over the gullible “living”.

For the record, Barr. Natasha Hadiza Akpoti is a generational leader who emerged from the very different ideologies that have stood and still standing the test of the toughest time. Unbeaten, unbroken, unbent, she remain in the face of human excesses. She breaths and she understands one dies. Emerged from a reputable home, well thought and cultured with the true essence of humanity. She understands pain and knows the price of every single soul taken or given by almighty God.

She knows the importance of sympathy to the bereaved but not at the expense of JUSTICE which deserves more sympathy if it were to be given.

May all departed souls rest in peace and Justice be given its rightful position not only at the court but in every living conscience of man. Amen.

– Hamza Lamisi

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