The Cryptic Moves of the Federal Government; Perspective From the South

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 A nation with no leader is already set for untold problems. Whatever the case, a nation must have a leader at least. A coin possess two sides. Same applies in the affairs of a nation – leaders and followers are like a car and its engine. Importantly, both must work together if any meaningful result is to be recorded. The dynamic nature of life has ordained it so. Well, Nigeria is not without a leader.

Few weeks ago, the Central Bank of Nigeria ordered all Nigerian banks to discontinue transacting with any customers account dealing in crypto currency. According to the CBN, The reason for the ban is because the crypto currency world leaves no room for taxation and regulation. More importantly, in the event of crime, crypto currency has become the best bet to cart away with funds without trail. While these reasons are obviously good enough for the outright banning of crypto currencies in our society, the aftermath of this sudden decision is that a number of Nigerians will be loosing huge investment to this.Well, that is that.

However, Alhaji Garba Shehu had asked Nigerians to instead invest in cow business. We might as well call our’s ‘a nation of cows’. This is because at the early days of this administration, a huge sum was supposedly allotted towards getting grasses from Brazil for cows. Whether it was given remains a secret.  Ironically, most herders here don’t run a ranch. Indeed, it is a square peg in a round hole. The vigor with which the PMB administration keeps preaching cow business, one may be forced to assume that those cows hold a citizen statue.

Another issues that needs to be thoroughly delved into is the issue of the recent National Identification Number gospel. In my own view, the whole process of NIN is geared towards censorship of social media. It is a subtle way of carrying on with the anti-hate-speech bill. From the perspective of the ruling class, the process is meant to foster security and identify quickly instances of criminality. While this is rhetorically laudable, I believe that like Hong kong, Most Nigerians are not are not ready to buy into a socialist society whose key interest lies in contoliing the people without necessarily providing for their needs. Beijing provides a crystal clear example of what lies ahead.

Regardless of the good intentions of the federal government. There are a number of loose ends. First, it is not a wise thing to leave the duty of delicate thing such as National Identification Number in the hands of Telecommunications especially because they are foreign business men. Doing so throws the security architecture of every Nigerian into some future evil. In fact, it is tantamount to washing one’s dirty linen in public. Again, Nigerians ask; who are those to be registered? What this question seeks to bring into focus is that a Chadian residing in Nigerian will be able to claim citizenship if he is able to possess a National Identification Number issued by some of these Foreign telecommunications.  

The Nigerian tertiary education has been dealt too many a blow. On the lowering of Joint Admission and Matriculation Board cut off mark to 160, I am quickly reminded about the independence history of our nation. According to history, Nigerian should have been independent in the year 1957 but because Northern Nigeria weren’t ready, the day of freedom was postponed.

What do I mean?  The veiled reason why  JAMB requirements was lowered was because the north weren’t ready or it is because they hope to catch up in the area of academics alongside other regions of the nation. So, by lowering and providing huge aid to the region, every other region is compelled to wait. Interestingly, virtually all institutions in the north peg their admission entry at requirement at 160. What this means is that, just about any dick and harry can wake up to call him or herself a graduate of some sort. What if that dick and harry becomes a doctor? Surely, mortality rate will run an inflationary course. Same apllies to other discipline.

Whether the government of the day choose to shy away from obvious allegations. It should be noted that all isn’t well with our nation.  Of course, the reasons are not far fetched. Nigerians voted for President of Nigeria and not a President over only a part of Nigeria. Until the current administration constantly demonstrate an attitude of father-to-all… The centre will hold no more.

– Olayinka Kayode Kingsley

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