The Crab Syndrome

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The crab syndrome is a phenomenon that describes one of the behaviors of crabs. You won’t have to bother having some live crabs in a container because none would escape, Why? The other crabs wouldn’t allow a single crab to climb over to the opening at the to. If the crabs would only allow each others to get to the top,some could go free. This metaphor explains the human attitude, “If I can’t have it, neither can you”.

One of the menace in our world today happens to be this crab syndrome, whereby people oppress each others in order to attain to position of lower, wealth, and dominance. This can be identified in human behavior when certain members of a group negate or diminish the importance of any member who achieves success or attempt to achieve a laudable goal.

This attitude finds its root in hatred, envy, selfishness, price, conspiracy, manipulative or competitive tendencies to half the Progress, status or well-being of others.

However, the sad fact remains that those who have been oppressed but eventually survived this syndrome don’t seems to take a superior mindset once they recover and experience a measure of fresh air. They unconsciously adopt the same philosophy and show similar attitude towards others. In short, they treat others the exact way they were treated.

For instance, an individual who have gone through a lot of maltreatment, assault and abuse or a group of people that have gone through marginalization as a result of poor leadership will eventually channel such negative emotions or hurt towards others when they happen to get to a position of power or influence.

Why do this happen?

It is quite challenging to go contrary to a certain model of influence after being exposed to the same. Their exposure could be either through culture, policy, environment or education. So, this mindset gets ingrained in their thoughts and ultimately reflects in their attitudes. Thus, they act out the “Crab syndrome”, which keeps their immediate environment from becoming places where everyone is valued and encouraged to become  better.

In popular opinion, it is not scientifically proven why crabs behave that way, but in humans, it is worrisome to note the a person might not have attained a certain height in life, yet he hinders those he thinks might get there. Thus, becoming stumbling block to some people’s destiny. Sadly, some even find pleasure in seeing others fail in life despite having the capacity to render them helping hands. Sadism  is prevalent in developing nation’s, Nigeria inclusive. Some people are afraid that someone else will become better off than they are or gain more advantage than they have. Obviously indicating that greed has gone a long way in eating into the fabrics of many nations.

The mindset of having it all has raised the question about if such a society can grow vibrantly.

Let me state clearly that society like this is a danger to itself. No one is an island, while the support system of the world is based on inter- dependency. We all need each other for the betterment of ourselves and our country. This is the reason Ubuntu philosophy should be emphasized on daily basis, that “I am who I’m because of you and you are who you are because of me”. Selfish interests should be kept aside as we help each others in any possible way we can. We should love more and treat others the way we want to be treated.

A revolution is imminent and great leaders would emerge to empower other. We are human beings and not crabs,so it doesn’t matter where we come from, our family background, ethnicity, Social status or interest. We, all owe each other a duty to care. So, treat everyone as a brother and sister. We would laugh more, help more and love more ,in so doing, our society will be a better place for all.

– Ogbeni Enimola Mike

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