Tenor, Shape, Texture and Face of Momoh Jibrin’s Progressive Politics

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Statesmen and great leaders are merchant of hope dad intellectual politicians are merchant of workable ideas. As a genuine man of the future, they do not only understand the past but they are also fully in touch with the dynamics that forge the present, they also foresee the future.

One of such leader is Amb Momoh Jibrin, the Former Accountant General of our dear State.

There is no way one can ignore him, these is because he is unique creature, he is not just a man, he is a transgenerational phenomenal. In him embodies the inelasticity of possibilities. He represent the fruition and realization of dream of nationalist. He represent the fulfilment of the past as can be seen in the present yet he stands as the undisputable, irreversible hope for the future. He inscribes in himself of the three temporal spaces in man.

The people’s mandate (JBEST) is intolerant of intellectual indolence and mental inactivity. Once there is strong conviction he pursues his position with credible passion and aggression. He is forceful about his prediction and pushes it through with pedantic persuasion but one thing with him is that he respect the view of others.

Alh Momoh Jibrin is a delightful humanist, pragmatic realist and intelligent leader, whose entire life is propelled by the existential zest to celebrate and propagate the advancement of humanity.

He has insatiable zeal for grooming young minds while simultaneously through his office influence and empowered buy young and old within his reach.

Jibrin’s is brave at heart and large in vision. He has fortitude to stand when time get tough and when doubt becomes as thick as fog.

This rare man choose to take risk and stake everything he has for a just cause .he stands alone when he makes the tough and necessary decision not minding how it will be perceived. He stands alone when he refuse to join doubters and hold on to the belief that it is POSSIBLE.

A tribute to his presence is that once he runs through a place, you will have no doubt that either an elephant has marched through the part of a devastating hurricane has wreaked havoc.

For our party gubernatorial flag bearer to be, it is only about boldness and intellectual capacity without vision, he combines a bold heart with a sound mind, as he is blessed with an unusually sharp and uncanny mind.

Momoh Jibrin did everyday what his contemporaries only did once in a lifetime or not at all.

As we go to the primary, I call on all our esteemed delegate to vote for this man of great tenor, shape, vision and capacity Alh Momoh Jibrin (JBEST).

– Tosin Tafu writes from Lokoja.

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