Taufiq Isa and The Alainitiju Protesters

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Without doubt, the opportunistic Administrator of Ijumu and a lackey of Alh Yahya Bello is a stranger to Okun politics. We are not surprised though because his pedigree is well known to us.

I have read a lot about their alainitiju (shameless) protest in Kabba yesterday. I saw the pictures of the N1,000 induced protesters who followed the miserable political nonentity to Kabba to protest against Senator Dino Melaye and Honourable James Faleke.

In their alainitiju communique Taufiq claimed that the utterances of Faleke and Dino utterances and actions are against the development of the various communities in the western senatorial district of the state.  Mr Taufiq, kindly educate the learned Okun people how the utterances of the duo affect development in Okunland. Taufiq submission only shows how irrational these charlatans reason. Dino spoke recently on behalf of the real owners of APC in Kogi state and made a submission that your mentor, Yahya Bello (twin brother of Yahya Jammeh), does not know the meaning of staff auditing, is it a lie? How does that affect development of Okunland? Dino said your Yahya have nothing to show for over 200 billion Naira he got in one year. Na lie? Aside the two storey building for board of internal revenue, a one story building for SA SDGs and 37 poles of 3rd grade solar powered street lights that he has erected so far in Lokoja, what again can you point to as achievement and justification for all the hundreds of billions (not millions) Yahya got in one year? Only an alainitiju (shameless folks) like you and your paid protesters will clap for such a record-breaking failure. Dino said your Yahya is owing workers and pensioners their entitlements, is it a lie? If it is a lie, why are thousands cursing Yahya all over the state?

I learnt your analogue governor and his team celebrate flag-off of white elephant projects as achievements. In all honesty your stupidity has a reserved place in Guiness book of records.

I hope you and you gang of semi-literates know that Yahya’s first year anniversary is the worst in the history of Kogi State. I hope you are aware that Wada and Ibrahim Idris had more to show in their one year in office than the kindergarten achievements of Yahya in one year. We called them failures but today Yahya have glorified their achievements with his abysmal performance in office.

We are watching you and other mediocre administrators who were sent to help foster evil agenda in our respective local governements in Okun land, at the appropriate time we will take you guys on. Get ready. Alainituju gbogbo.

– Olalekan Abidemi writes from Lokoja


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