Synopsis of Edime Edime’s Movie Trilogy; Ohiala, Itopa, Alo

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The Igala, Okun, and Ibira Evolutions are traceable to many years of struggles, trials, and travails: for the Igala; it was a journey by their forefathers to a distant Kingdom, across the mountains, through the nights, on the scariest roads, edging on with mark and burns from daggers and swords of war. This is what their offsprings call home, today.

The Okuns had set course to build a new home: to sit side by side and tell their many tales. Not until their peace was snatched, leaving them with mere hope and fear. In return, they marched, for their wives, for their families, for their tribe, for their freedom. Yet, not all that marched that day ever returned.

The Ebira Evolution recounts that unity never always grows old. To build a kingdom, it was one man to another woman, and another woman to another man, and that was how Anebira started. In the face of the conspiracies against the Land, the fathers gathered their sons and the mothers, pulled their kins together, and fought to build Anebira.

— Promise Emmanuel, Kogi Rebel, writes from Lokoja.

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