Supreme Court Judgement: My Stand – Capt Wada

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Fellow Nigerians, especially the very good people of Kogi State, the Supreme Court of Nigeria, the highest court in our country, on Tuesday finally made pronouncements on the November 21 2015 governorship election in Kogi State.

As you are already aware, the Court has dismissed my appeal as well as those brought by other people and thereby upholding the emergence of Alh. Yahaya Bello as Governor of our dear State. I wish to congratulate Governor Bello for his victory and wish him a successful tenure of office.
Our search for justice, which terminated yesterday has been a long one: from the Tribunal through the Appeal Court up to the Supreme Court.
It is instructive to note that our pursuit of  justice was not hinged on selfish, ethnic or such other chauvinistic sentiments. In the circumstance we found ourselves, in the immediate post election days, we were convinced about the authenticity of the mandate given to us by the people of our dear State.  It will be on record that when we felt the mandate was not only threatened but stolen we approached the judiciary for interpretation as provided by our laws.
We have pursued our convictions to the highest court in the land.
As patriotic citizens, we shall abide by the judicial pronouncements. No doubts, our gesture has left its indelible marks on the development of our jurisprudence. It is hoped that at some point in the future our efforts will be a reference point for generations yet unborn.
I thank all my supporters nationwide, especially the very good people of Kogi State and members of our great party, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP,  for standing by  me through thick and thin. I appreciate the high level of cooperation I enjoyed from them while I was governor of the state. Our people should not despair. We must continue to remain loyal and faithful to our great party, the PDP, and work to make it stronger at both local and national levels.
I urge you all to be prayerful, law abiding and cooperate with governments at all levels.
Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria
Long Live Kogi state
Long Live the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP
Jacob Edi
Media Advisor To His Excellency, Captain Idris Wada

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