Sunday Shigaba, a Man Prepared by God to Lead Kogi PDP as Chairman From June 2023

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I bring you greetings :

As you may be aware, come June 2023, the current leadership of the PDP in Kogi State would have concluded their two term leadership in the state, hence the need for a new set of leaders. 

We are aware, the search is on for the new set of leaders, may I use this privilege to call on the good people of Kogi State, especially of the PDP family, to narrow down their search to a Man God has prepared for such a time as this, that is, Hon. Sunday Shigaba. 

Who is Hon Sunday Shigaba you may ask:

 Hon. Sunday Shigaba is from Bassa LGA, a man who has risen through the ranks, he is a former a councillor, Local Government Chairman and House of Assembly member, he has occupied several position in various capacity for the PDP both within the State and National level. He is a honest, reliable and straight forward personality, God fearing and a party man to the core. 

Hon. Sunday Shigaba is a household name as far as PDP is concern. We will recall how Hon. Sunday Shigaba was singled out for persecution while in the State Assembly because he refused to betray his party. Even after leaving office, Hon. Sunday Shigaba was outrightly denied his benefits by the anti people government. We are aware when he was approached to join hands with the anti people government so that his entitlement could be paid, he bluntly refused and stood firm for the party -PDP. 

What is evident is, Hon. Sunday Shigaba despite leaving office, he has remained a rallying point both in his home LGA, the State and National. 

In his home  local government; Bassa , PDP has remained formidable and in the just concluded 2023 general elections, Bassa LG produced the only  PDP State House of  Assembly in Kogi East, that is a great feat. 

Hon. Sunday Shigaba is a man that has build capacity and over time has shown the competence and ability to build synergy, he is a gentleman strategist and a goal getter, which is what PDP Kogi State needs right. 

Supporting him to lead our great party in the State is not just a task we all must take personally but must see to its realization. 

If we all agree that reward for hard work is more work then; the right person is Hon. Sunday Shigaba. 

Hon. Shigaba is that detribalised personality Kogi State PDP need right now; to stabilize the party and galvanize on the gains of the past leadership.

We have come to that point where we must agree that leadership is not sentiment, leadership is about proofs, Hon. Sunday Shigaba has the proofs, we must support him.

We need Hon Shigaba to bring about genuine commitment and dedication to the party, Hon. Shigaba is able to give us that direction we need in a leader, a leader that won’t compromise.

Hon. Shigaba is that bridge we need right now, he is able to bring the East, West and Central together for a common goal.

On this note, we are appealing to all our leaders, party elders, stakeholders, LG, and ward executives and all lovers of our great Party PDP to support Hon Sunday Shigaba for the Kogi State PDP Chairman. 

Thank you. 

Barr. Benjamin Sekpe 

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