Sumaila Yakubu Agba; The Sad End of a Notorious Killer

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Before his death, Sumaila Yakubu Agba was a notorious leader of state government sponsored thugs that had terrorised the entire nooks and crannies of Igala land before, during and after the 2019 general elections.

Before then, Sumaila, a roadside driver and later recruited by Ahmed Attah, APC leader in Kogi East to head the enforcement squad of the state produce revenue outlet in the area, worked hand-in-hand with others like Okwo and Abdul Madigba. He was later enlisted into Kogi state vigilante group as chairman. The vigilante group was constituted to maintain peace in various communities but metamorphosed into killer squad of the state government during the last election, fully armed with sophisticated weapons like AK47 and pump actions.

Contrary to social media reports that he was APC youth leader and union leader, Sumaila was not a known political activist in Kogi East until the coming of the present administration in 2016 when he was engaged as the leader a group engaged to flush out rival thuggery activist, Zakari Yau, now at large, over disputes on the bonafide franchise produce revenue collection between them and Kogi state government.

In the build up to the 2019 general elections, late Sumaila Yakubu Agba led a catchment of thugs and cultists to harrass members of rival political groups in Kogi East during open campaigns to drive home the government ideas that Kogi state is an APC state and that no any other political party will have access to meetings, political campaigns and awareness.

To make do the promise of the state government and his threat, along with his catchment of killer squad, they have attempted on several occassions to take the life of a member of federal house of representatives, Benjamin Ikani Okolo who was seeking re-election in PDP. He was ambushed on the road and at his residence, including his late mother’s residence at Egume.

The Senior Legislative Assistant to the member of the National Assembly escaped been killed and had his official car, a Peugeot 607 salon, burnt to ashes in one of attacks. This came after vowing to kill him when sighted anyway in Kogi state and its environs.

The attacks that started from Araba Salifu, Emewe Opada to Abocho led to the killing of seven supporters of PDP in the area and other adjoining communities of Itama, Ogbogodo, Egume and its environs, with several houses razed down. The attacks left several party faithfuls with severe injuries as some of them were hospitalised in Anyigba, Lokoja and Abuja, depending on the magnitude and degree of injuries sustained by the victims.

These activities were carried out by Sumaila Yakubu-led killer group under the protection of the state government and alleged complicity of the police, military and other security agencies.

The sister groups were positioned in Ankpa, Bassa and Olamboro to chase away opposition political party loyalists from voting during the election. The activities of the sister groups led to the attack on Senator Atai Aidoko Ali at the INEC collation centre in Okpo and death of four persons in Ankpa. Olamboro was not left out as a party leader was killed for resisting the stealing of election materials.

It became uncontrolably disastrous towards the eve of the postponed National and Presidential elections. These gangs held Igala land to ransom. On the rescheduled date for national assembly and presidential elections, Daniel Usman, a youthful undergraduate of Federal University Lokoja(FUL), who only came to exercise his franchise, was killed while several others were wounded, harassed, intimidated and disenfranchised.

The same group of killers led by late Sumaila Yakubu Agba criss-crossed the suburb of Dekina, Abocho, Ofu, and Bassa. They burnt houses, vehicles of hapless and innocent citizens around these areas.

During the electioneering campaign, the state sponsored thugs refused the opposition PDP from organising a zonal rally. After the party addressed a world wide press conference to alert the entire universe of the activities of Kogi state government and its sponsored thugs, their activities was relaxed for seamless political participation.

This group overpowered electoral officers and voting materials were seized, destroyed and razed down beyond recognition in all the areas mentioned in Kogi East, with fully armed thugs and under the cover of the state government with the aid of funded security agencies.

Sumaila Yakubu Agba and his gangs, under the protection of state apparatus and security personnel, who were ordinarily supposed to protect the citizens during the election, inflicted injuries on the people through sporadic shootings to scare people away from their houses and polling units.

It became worst after the election as threats of murder and killings in the area still went unabated.

Sumaila Agba held a whole community, Agwudoko-Anyigba to ransom for over two days, after stationing his trigger happy wife and boys at the community for over one week to monitor the activities of his rivals with one Abubakar Adaji as his main target.

The community was not taking him serious until the deceased and his army of thugs continued shooting unabated and holding innocent residents hostage with no end in sight. In the tensed environment, Sumaila Agba held on without retreat and went towards his target’s residence but was resisted and this led to his death. Several others wounded.

Some community leaders has gone underground for fear of another reprisal attack from the same group.

So, it is erroneous, a disservice and complete misinformation to the Kogi public, to state that an APC youth leader was killed in Kogi state. The slain Sumaila Agba was indeed one of the notorious chief thugs loyal to Kogi state governor.

– Ogohi Seidu Daniel wrote from Anyigba.

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