Subterranean Moves to Hijack ODA Through Unintelligent Route

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I have read through different unintelligent reports suggesting cracks in the umbrella body of the Yoruba speaking people of Kogi State, Okun Development Association (ODA). The reports were credited to faceless persons who are totally unknown in Okun land.

The masquerades hiding behind the faceless critics of the Barr. Femi Mokikan-led ODA executives are taking the highly intelligent people of Okun land for a ride. They want to create a false impression that ODA is in crisis howbeit through unintelligent route.

Without doubt, the sponsors of the reports credited to faceless persons are among the very rare unintelligent folks among us. If they are intelligent, they won’t be advertising their ignorance publicly. They are obvious ignorant of the workings and constitution of ODA.

The various lamentations of these marauders is centred on just one issue – tenure elongation. This is the most ridiculously unintelligent agitation ever witnessed in Okun land. Can first term executive members of ODA elongate their tenure when the constitution gives room for second term? Common sense, though not common, tells us that executives can seek second term in office with the backing of ODA constitution while tenure elongation comes in when they make moves to seek a third term in office. Which schools did these propagandists attend? They should revisit their old schools and demand for refund of school fees paid.

In their laughable postulations, they called on the Mokikan-led executives to leave when “the ovation is loudest” but in same epistle alleged that the exco under-performed. Whither the loud ovation for under-performers? This is clearly unintelligent.

We are too intelligent in Okun land to fall for these very cheap attempt to pressure the current executives to bow out and pave way for men of avarice positioned to hijack ODA. Make no mistakes, we know the characters behind these unintelligent noise. Who know their intentions and political agenda. At the appropriate time, we will expose them one by one and place them appropriately in the ‘Okun Hall of Shame’.

The salient issues intelligent Okun men and women wish to know are: when will the tenure of current executives expire? When is the next election? Are the current executives qualified for a second term in office? Are the executives on salary? Have they abused their offices? Are they corrupt? Have they brought Okun land and people to shame through their conducts? We will love to have answers to these questions rather than be disturbed by faceless persons who are striving hard to reduce us to their unintelligent level.

– Olalekan Abidemi writes from Lokoja.

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