Stephen Baba: A Birthday Eulogy of a Successful Kogi Born Construction Engineer 

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On this remarkable day, as we celebrate your birth, I am filled with admiration for the extraordinary person you have become. Your journey in the realm of civil and construction engineering has been nothing short of remarkable. Your expertise and vast knowledge in ICT have made you an invaluable asset in your field, and your commitment to continuous learning through foreign trainings is a testament to your unwavering dedication.

Like the foundation of a sturdy structure, your engineering exploits transcend the boundaries of nominal practice. You have embellished the flag of your profession with your exceptional skills and innovative mindset. Your creative spirit has breathed life into countless projects, leaving a lasting impact on the world around us.

It is fascinating to reflect on the fact that you were born on Children’s Day, a day that celebrates the innocence and potential of young minds. From an early age, it was evident that you were destined for greatness. Today, as we commemorate your birthday on this auspicious occasion, the entire world joins in acknowledging the remarkable person you have become.

As you step into this new phase of your life, I wish for you to continue standing tall in your endeavors. May your path be illuminated by the light of purpose, guiding you towards even greater achievements. May your unwavering passion and thirst for knowledge fuel your journey, propelling you to new heights.

Remember, dear friend and brother, that your unique blend of creativity, intellect, and expertise has the power to shape the world for the better. Embrace each challenge as an opportunity for growth, and let your unwavering determination lead the way.

On this special day, may joy, love, and success surround you like the pillars of a grand architectural masterpiece. Happy Birthday, Engineer Steve Baba! Here’s to a year filled with exciting adventures, fulfilled dreams, and endless possibilities. Cheers to you and the incredible mark you continue to make on this world!

On behalf of my wife whom you called your sister, and my children who call you (Our own Uncle Steve), I heartily celebrate you.

– Oyigu Elijah writes from Abuja.

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