Standard Nursery Primary School Okene Best in Kogi State – Assessment Group

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Results of the Education Assessment Group, also known as Educational Task Force (ETF), has shown that pupils in LGEA Standard Nursery Primary School, Onyukoko Okene are the state’s best in reading, mathematics and other subjects.

The education task force tests over 5,000 pupils in 15 local government council in Kogi this year. The 2020 studies targeted 7-year olds and their abilities in the three fields and results cutting across the three senatorial districts in the state.

LGEA Standard  Nursery Primary School, Okene emerged as the best.

The LGEA Standard Nursery Primary School, Okene, headed by Mr. Abdullahi AbdulMalik, is rated as one of the best schools in North Central Nigeria.

Nearly 4,000 primary schools were ranked on six factors based on their performance on state assessments and how well they prepare students for college and international examinations.

According to the head of the school, Abdulmalik, they put more focus on education.

“Children, parents and teachers know that good education is the key to being successful. They are not tolerant when pupils fail. If you do hard and succeed in school you will be successful in your job as well.

“The truth is that teachers in many other schools in the state wish to be like LGEA Standard Nursery Primary School, Okene. They want good things to happen in their own schools too. 

“Starting at a very early age, the staff of the school teaches its pupils that you can only succeed if you are better than the others. They are tested as soon as they come to school. Only the best can go for international quiz competition. Over 300 pupils have secure scholarship to study in various international colleges.

“Examinations are held very often and list of students rankings are shown to the public at the end of session. Students in LGEA Standard Nursery Primary School study much harder than the western and eastern pupils do and they spend less time on extracurricular activities or sports. Children spend a lot of time in school and learning with their parents at home,” he said.

Reacting to the rating, the secretary general, Education Task Force, El-Okene Adabara Abduljelil called on the state government to honour Mr. Abdullahi AbdulMalik.

“He should be rated and awarded as the state’s best teacher. Abdullahi AbdulMalik, who has been teaching for over 20 years, should be honoured by the state ministry of education, and Nigeria Union of Teachers, Kogi state.

“I have firm believe that one day, teacher Abdullahi AbdulMalik will emerge as the best public primary school teacher in Nigeria and take the award of the President’s teachers and schools excellence award.

“It is worth mentioning that all winners of this year’s Annual National Mathematics Competition organized by Nigerian/Tulip International Colleges in collaboration with National Mathematical Center, all emerged from LGEA Standard Nursery Primary School, Onyukoko, Okene. 

“Also, in recognition of its excellent achievements, the school needs to be provided with financial aid to address numerous problems facing the school. The school did not increase school levy, contrary to the rumour making the rounds. The purported increase in the school fees is false, what exist is PTA Development Levy approved by Parent Teachers Association, the decision was taken during PTA meeting. Therefore, the government need to come in to provide the financial need of the school.”

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