Stalemated NNL Match: Kogi United Reject O and D Ruling

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…. Sets for Appeal

Kogi United FC have rejected in its entirety, the decision of Nigeria Football Federation Organizing and Disciplinary Committee on its stalemated Week 12 of the Nigeria National League, NNL match against Adamawa United.

The NNL had earlier ruled that the match be replayed from where it was paused which both sides protested.

Surprisingly, the O and D on Wednesday awarded the three points and three goals to Adamawa United.

In a statement signed by the Team Manager of the Confluence State club, Ameh Henry, Kogi United expressed disappointment on the rulings which was taken to favor its opponent (Adamawa) and will be appealing the decision.

“We are rejecting the decision in totality, the O and D didn’t employ the evidence tendered by us and that played out in their ruling which we are going to appeal, begins the statement.

This was like a preempted decision by the O and D, the whole evidences we submitted were turned over to favor Adamawa United. It’s like justice standing on its head. We have rejected this decision and we are going appeal it. It’s as if Kogi United were not represented at the meeting, the last has not been heard of this matter.

The NNL in Group A1 still have a match to be concluded after all games in other groups have been decided.

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