Spend The Last Dollar to Fix Ajaokuta Steel Complex – Engr Okino

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As it stands today and as claimed by the minister of mines and steel, it’s no longer news that Kogi state is recklessly neglected and abandoned by all administrations in Nigeria-(the 8 billion dollars investment and his knowledge gap on the completion stage of ASC) it’s obvious that Kogi state and her resources is only serving the leaders of our nation a means to steal the national wealth instead of engaging in developmental projects, empowerment and creation of sustainable wealth.
I do not see reason(s) why a minister  of steal and mines would watch over an economy waste over 8billion dollars in developing new rail lines, rehabilitate old ones and to maintain obsolete rails in lieu of fixing Ajaokuta steel company that require only 500million dollars to resuscitate the substantive complex as recommended by experts.
Knowing full well that the steels, labour /contracts , technology and loans are mostly sourced for a single source-China, supposed competitor and a source that has technical know how to fix our complex and reuse the steels produced on the rails, generate employment and income for the nation.
Why couldn’t they structure the Nigerian railways projects around the fixture of Ajaokuta steel complex , why will they sign contracts of over 9billion dollars on rail contracts and refusing to spend additional one dollar on ASC?
The question I am asking is does it mean that the minister will choose concession in place of government ownership supposing the later is a better economic decision?
Second, we will wish to know who and who has collected the over 8billion dollars he mentioned the government has expended on Ajaokuta and the purposes of such expenses and the achievements thereof
We will want to know if the minister has reported the recipients and incidence to EFCC and the National Assembly and what exactly is the outcome of the effort.
Going forward, I am advising the Kogi state government and her stakeholders to immediately enlist and contact international bodies (NGO) to prepare to serve as an observer to any further concessions, the state and her stakeholders should constitute independent business /management and legal bodies of experts to observe, monitor any further investment arrangements by Fg in Kogi state, this is to challenge any unholy alliances or collaboration that jeopardizes the economy growth and welfare of Kogi state and Nigeria economy at large.
Given the neglect occasioned against Kogi state over the years it’s high time we join the other states to agitate for resource control or right for a Kogi indigene to be the minister for mines and steel.
The irony is that the government is spending billion of dollars on connecting gas pipelines from the southern region of the country to the north through Kogi state and exploring for oil and gas in the Niger Basin and neglecting to declare the only oil producing state in the north (Kogi state) as it is today please I am asking what other words can describe this scenario than complete neglect and marginalization.
Well maybe we will hold on to the pipes as means of negotiating eventually.
Hon minister sir, you may wish to know that we are waiting patiently for your new technical audit report but we would need you to also submit the first pre- concession audit reports alongside to compare notes, we need to know the variance if any and why.
It might also interest you to know that Kogi indigenes might not be as gentle as you may have thought, we have lost lives and properties of our parents ,brothers and sisters in this struggle and yet nothing happens, our youth has resorted to banditry and thuggery for lack of jobs etc yet outsiders uses our resources as a mean to steal billions of dollars -this is the height of injustice and Godlessness.
Soon and very soon the youths will re-align their thoughts and culture to fight for their rights.
– Engr Malik Okino
Senate aspirant, Kogi central.

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