SOS: Appeal to Kogi Governor on Non-Payment of Ex-Political Office Holders’ Severance Package

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We are pleading with you after several open and closed letter bringing your attention on the non-payment of severance packages to political and appointed office holders of Kogi state to come to our immediate help due to the untold and excruciating pains we now face.

We believe that the mantra of your administration, which is to bring a new direction government to the people of Kogi state and to fight the symmetric and asymmetric warfare of our people.

We have witnessed that this administration have all true emphasized a new ways of doing things and that is doing it right when it comes to matters that involves the welfare of the citizenry.

The severance packages of public and appointed office holders is a fall back allowances paid to us when our services are no longer needed and disengaged, We therefore see the payments as a statutory right which we know you would not be a party to our been denied.

Our members who have served your administration in the immediate past dutifully, meritoriously and with utmost pride are today wallowing in poverty and debilitating hardship which has excruciatingly made them to become beggars are pleading with you with every sense of responsibility to listen to this S.O.S message and immediately approve the immediate payments of our severance packages as this kind gesture of yours when fulfilled would go a long way in reducing the pain we go through daily especially at this time of great economic hardship in the country.

Of great importance at this time sir, is to also remind you that this payments are captured in the states yearly budgets including that of the present fiscal year and it is of great concern that after your government prioritizing the payments as reflected in the budgets, why are the payments denied us?

We know this government as a very benevolent one and a pro-people administration of yours should not allow itself to be debased to the level where the welfare of your people is always only an academic exercise.

The strong institutions building philosophy of your administration should never be seen allowing stronger persons deny us the benefits of enjoying the payments.

We therefore believe that your attention when drawn to our very plight, our sufferings would be a thing of the past.

We support your ambition of vying for the seat of the President of the federation of Nigeria.

We say this because of the excellent performances you exhibited as the governor of Kogi state for the last six years. One good turn, we believe, deserves another and we are unconditionally in your support, all the way.

The payment of severance packages is not a political act but an act of welfare for the citizenry of the state who have served diligently and selflessly and should not be denied their entitlements. Those were your very words prior to your election for a second term.

Those are your words prior to your assumption of office as governor of Kogi state. This is also part of your pact with the people of the state. We still hold it to you believing that the dawn of its fulfilment by you is already with us. We believe you shall deliver and urgently, too.

Yours faithfully,

Isah Usman
For: Forum of Former Political Appointees

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