‘Shina Rambo’ is on His Way Back to Lugard House

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For a couple of days, I have pondered on what transpired in the just concluded APC screening, and how a beleaguered white lion scaled through the primaries. To a greater extent, I am not perturbed because integrity has no portfolio in APC’s political purview. In fact, they have no priority upholding the democratic process with which they came to power some years ago.

What do you expect when the occupant of the highest office in the land was rigged back to his position even when it is obvious that old age beckons with sense of oblivion to the surroundings? How possible is it for Bello to be left out when all and sundry never emerged in a fair process?

From the screening that waved-off retired generals to the primary that birthed the euphoria of a successful bank robbery, serenity may not be twisted because of the power of incumbency. But in between what transpired and the public mindset about Yahaya Bello, it’s simply a tip in the spree of inhuman antics.

A governor who has sold his people to modern-day slavery, devoured human space and constricted democracy is grandstanding with return ticket. Isn’t this baffling considering the ranks and files non-obligatory to his second-term agenda?

APC national chairman posited inexorably that state governors owing workers would not return. Yet, the culpable Bello now hold feast and parties celebrating an unmerited ticket. What a Nollywood drama! So, Adams Oshiomole and Muhammadu Buhari made caricatures after all? They are now muted like a silenced warlord, pretending obstinately as if nothing has happened. They are battling conscience like a dying man struggling to say his last word.

I could not reconcile with the fact that some weighty aspirants were screened out over flimsy reasons, yet a grand finale of the robbery had been effected. Even the retired general with his retinue of army officers parading the landscape and heralding threats could not object to the verdict of the White Lion. Others alleged irregularities and left the venue, but no one has been bold enough to question the grand injustice.

Shockingly, APC stakeholders and those in support of Bello’s cunnings now flay around unrestricted. They are now hypertensive of public upsurge with bold fears in their eyes yet, celebrating in a hideout.

I hand long waited for the arrest and prosecution of Senator Hope Uzodimma and all those involved in the scamming, sorry screening exercise. But right now, the worst had happened. Yahaya Bello succeeded in buying APC NWC members. He lured the delegates into obliging his whims and caprices, and it might interest you to know that he is likely to have a formidable structures in the opposition. If he doesn’t, Edward Onoja does.

As a matter of fact, Austin Okai Usman was right in his assumption that Bello’s next primaries is PDP. The enfant-terrible may fritter our common patrimony for his behests in the opposition’s delegates to ensure that a no significant aspirant emerged. And by so doing, the journey back to Lugard house get smoother.

Kogites are in big trouble, the totalitarians in the Lugard house may not leave anytime soon. If due care is not taken, their mission to plunge Kogi state abyss would be achieved. With a seemingly cleared coast in the ruling party, and with the machineries currently in place, Kogites are in for disaster. As things stood, Yahaya Bello’s structures do not limit to human, there are weapons of mass destruction with which to coerce everyone into voting him per adventure a strong opponent emerged.

Again, where is Adams Oshiomole? Where is President Muhammadu Buhari? These people, especially the former, bragged about denying Bello his return ticket. Senator Ike Ekweremadu once admitted at a plenary that Bello rebuffed his advice, and even went further to leverage on the grace of my God to boast that Bello will not return. Where are these people now? Had it been we are in a society where leaders beckon on morality, this is the biggest slap on Oshiomole. It’s more disgusting than Ekweremadu’s assault in Germany.

As I said earlier, APC had succeeded in their usual anti-people’s antics. A glance at the prerequisites that Bello qualified and other aspirants were screened out baffles me greatly. They said Bello is a strong financial member of the party- the same magnitudes he was recently awarded.

Apparently, core-competences and performance was not the basic through which Bello qualified. Fellow Kogites, since I was born and now I’m getting old, I have never seen such heinous crime against humanity. APC was not after who can deliver the dividend of democracy to the people, it wasn’t apprehended by the fact that the governor failed woefully as long as he diverts the state resources to the party’s treasury.

As a matter of fact, no matter how savvy you are, if you are not loyal to the party, forget it. And every now and then, I wonder if Nigerians in their right mind would subscribe to such people in government, for a messiah whose victory was so loud and boisterous in the far away countries to have taken our democracy to the pit, and with the chronology of events gushing from the landscape, Nigerians can only wait for divine intervention.

Be that as it may, fellow Kogites if the current Shina Rambo returns to Lugard House, we will all perish. The sacredness and unity upholding our peaceful coexistence would be sold, one of the Government’s adversarial policies (RUGA) would be initiated in Kogi state and killing and destruction of lives and properties will be deepened.

The opposition are hereby advised to search its house, phish out the snitches among them and queue behind a formidable aspirant who can tow Bello and his gangs of democratic rapists out of office and take the right developmental pattern. The general public should also come out en masse to vote against him. That way, the imminent disaster would be avoided.

God bless Kogi state.

– John Paul

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