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Shetos Management and Consultancy Firm is a partnership business whose soul objective is to reduce the unprecedented rate of Dying business enterprises in Nigeria.

Purpose and Direction of the Business

We have discovered certain parameters that often lead to the collapse of Small and medium Scale businesses in Nigeria and some possible solutions in order to excel in the turbulent Nigerian economy and gain competitive advantage. We provide information for willing entrepreneurs in various line of business which afford them the chance to make informed choices regarding the kinds of business to venture into. One of our numerous objectives is also meeting global quality standards.

Our services include

1. Drafting and analyzing Feasible Business plan for Small and Medium scale enterprises: These days, one of the numerous reasons why businesses collapse is failure to ascertain some unforseen forces that may arise in the process of building a business. Problems of Cash flow, overtrading, lack of continuity, risk averse etc, constitute formidable obstacles to business success.

We design and analyze feasible business plan for Individuals, Corporate bodies, Small and medium scale enterprises for the success of their business.

2. Building clients’ Online : SHETOS Management and Consultancy Firm assists in building individuals and Corporate bodies web presence by Advertising their products, writing about their services, biography writing(Particularly for upcoming politicians), Create a platform for discussion on certain products and other writing services both individuals and corporate bodies as may deem fit.

3. Business consulting: With in-depth knowledge in Accounting, Finance, Banking and business management we acquired through learning, we can apply the theoretical skills to be more holistic by analyzing the importance of these above disciplines on businesses. The importance of audited Financial statement and interpretation of financial data, Accessibility of loans through banking industries with ease and mission statement in business enterprises.

4. Organizing private Lectures on Agricultural products, increase in Financial performance of an entity and private coaching for students preparing for professional examinations, particularly students preparing for Association of Accounting Technician West Africa exams.

We are hired at affordable prices depending on your choice, service and residence.

Clients’ satisfaction is our profound pleasure.

Contact us:
+2348140389536, +2348163421402, +2349023219166, +2349026058840.


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