Senator Yakubu Oseni, Please Develop Our Youth Through Sports

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The central senatorial district of Kogi state can be described as one of the volatile spots in Nigeria, despite being blessed with a healthy and an increasing agile youth population we haven’t been able to effectively transform the agility and vibrancy of our youth to their best advantage and of the society. Idleness as a result of unemployment has further worsened the situation, as the youth of Ebiraland roam and wander the streets even though a good number of them are educated with good grades.

Government and political representatives of Ebiraland in the past have implemented several policies and empowerment programs which dwells majorly on social packages and monetary handouts to the youth who as a result of their economic predicaments have become ready tools in the hands of desperate politicians who use them as thugs and other negativities.

Although the history of youth restiveness in ebiraland started many years ago, traditional and political leaders have not been able to devise an effective program or deliberate policy at permanently putting an end to the unfortunate monster which often makes the youth readily disposed to crime and violence at the slightest provocation.

Since Nigeria returned to democracy in 1999, successive senators and representatives have continued in the old ways of dolling out cash incentives and packages to the youth instead of putting measures in place at getting a larger population of them off the streets. The role of sports in adequately engaging the youth and strengthening bonds of unity, harmony and enhancing peace cannot be over emphasized. countries like Brasil, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Hunduras and Jamaica have been able to effectively take advantage of sports in engaging their teaming youth population and taking their minds off criminality. Considering the fact that as a senator of the federal republic there isn’t much funds at your disposal to continue to doll out social packages which can never go round, it is important to turn to sports in massively engaging our youths at this crucial point in time.

Fortunately, the sports facilities available at the Abdul Aziz Atta Memorial College Okene and the Okene stadium are all situated within the central senatorial district. If adequately rehabilitated and put to good use these facilities has the capacity to host and serve the entire state, let alone only five local governments that makes up kogi central senatorial district. We have several Usain Bolts, Ronaldos, Messis and other great sports men and women in Ebiraland who are just roaming the streets, it would do them a lot of good if given the right avenue and atmosphere to discover and improve their talents. Sports is the only industry that has the capacity to create the kind of massive employment that is needed to adequately engage our youth, curb restiveness and stamp out other social ills from Ebiraland.

As a distinguished senator and a political leader in Ebiraland I implore you to use your good office, connection and influence in synergy with other elected representatives of Ebiraland in doing something urgent in this regard. Establishing an all year round sports tournaments like the senator Dr. Yakubu Oseni school sports, inter local government handball tournament, inter local government basket ball tournament, swimming competitions etc will not only create an avenue for our young ones to discover their talents but will foster peace and unity and go a long way at increasing your political popularity.

– Hussain Obaro

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