Senator Jibrin Isah Echocho the Profiteer of Bad Leadership

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To appreciate this message, eschew sentiment and embrace sense of independent judgement, after election, we will all return to Kogi East where A and B are duly regarded as alphabets. More so, pundits may rage in their tools of tirade, but as a member of the fourth estate of the realm, my obligation is to TRUTH, my essence is LOYALTY to citizens and my discipline is fact verification. After all, the path to truth is lonely and those who go to it must walk alone. 

The sophistry of bad leadership is something Nigerians cannot throw to the bin in a hurry. It is unimaginably terrible that it drives our daily routines. Nevertheless, on the lip of every Nigerians is a system vehemently loathed, but we have been bamboozled enough that, we’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. Sane to say, those benefitting from corrupt system do not see it so. To further worsen the situation, there is upsurge of mouth-agape in ever near-attempt to eradicating bad leadership. That is why we all preach workable system in tones that the few ruling elements peruse and align with what suits them.

In Kogi East, effect of bad leadership is the new-normal. It has deformed sanity to a point that, the number of those distinguishing WHICH from WHAT are in reducing proportion— a lot are blinded to the red flag. Ironically, the impotent enablers and their accomplices understood a changing world from impartation scenario save for uncladded, greedy and covetous attitudes toward power.

Echocho is undoubtedly becoming a charming prince in this regard. He is cruising on euphoria of failed system—a system that has projected tricycle, Motorcycle and grinding machines as POLICIES. A failed system that made bag of rice and clinical first aid tools look like constituency project. A failed system which made non-existent cash stipends and renovation of dilapidated bakery youths’ empowerment. A failed system that has turned deserted house into skill acquisition. Oh yes! It is the failed system that a supposedly vast-in-experience banker cum politician ought to have changed, a trajectory to be redefined. Shockingly, deep down, the Senator knows that, the bane at which he races is democratically retrogressive, It is not a dividend that a senator ought to deliver as his disciple naively described on Urah-TV, but an onslaught.

By default, if keke-Napep, Okada, hair dresser and grinding machines are as important as Echocho and his assassins want us to believe, what is needed to achieve that is an active plenary engagements which inadvertently see-to-conclusion a bill for resuscitation and regulation of the Local government administrative office. At most, a sanitized ward councillor will take care of that. But perhaps, by cheer ignorance  or deliberate actions, the law-breaker has turned Kogi East senatorial office to a glorified government chairman’s. I call him the local government chairman in the Senate— story for another day!

Logically, going by what the senator’s social media tramps present before us, the Nigerian Senate has been relegated to everything amidst underlying significances. Although, it is everyone’s prerogative to represent the people but the sensitivity and sacredness of the job pose restricting factors. These factors are what Jibrin Isah intentionally threw to a magnanimous cashew farmer who has sunk mechanized borehole in his community, a businessman who has spent fortunes at events, gathering and functions. As it stands, to become a senator in Kogi East, spend a portion of your fortunes on charity because it is always misconstrued for competency and leadership is considered along such faulty, long forgotten lines.

The lawmaking chamber requires one with depth knowledge of the society, events that shape it and a dimension that keeps it going. This is how policies are formulated and laws are made as regulatory guidelines. How then does social amenity (if it is true) guarantees a futuristic Kogi East? Where do we place lawmaking as executive/Judiciary and subnational regulators? Will it be out of context to attribute sleeping public office holders like the state governors, redundant ministries, Department and Agencies of government to absence of legislation? Why do you seek water from a senator when you have a local government administrator who gets allocation and even surround himself with over 250 Personal Assistants? A friend once asked; when did Kogi state civil servants got their salaries in full? When were they paid entitlements like leave allowances or even proceed on leaves or salary increment? When was the last time they experienced salary increment or even promotions?

These cerebral questions are attributes redundant legislations. Had Jibril Isah seats aright, these inanities would have been questioned, but to my greatest dismay, he has jettisoned his core duty for trifling things. Alas! The wall of our existence as a constituency collapses by the day. We must rise to solidify the pillars of this wall in other to continue to exist. If what Jibrin Isah knows about legislation is social amenities, we should show him the road to Dekina Local government office, there is more to gain from the senate. In short, the senate should be made in a way that the presidency feels the effects of scrutiny in the course of its duty. Remember the famous American Nancy Pelosi and the erstwhile President Donald Trump. A workable government must have active Lawmakers, not some rubber-stamped, self-serving power gamers. Their loyalty is not to the people but to the powers that be. The only reason Echocho still flourishes in fallacy is because the system has been atypically redesigned. The slide each throws is what favours them, not the masses. He is the least in the rank of his precedents both in deeds and in position. This is not what a senator should do.

– John Paul

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