Senator Dino Melaye’s Recall Attempt, Our Stand – Okun Group

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It has become imperative to come out with a position on the ongoing recall process after INEC acknowledged receiving the signatures of purportedly more than the required number for the exercise because the dilemma of Okun nation has once again being brought to the fore.
The prerogative of any constituent to exercise his/her constitutionally guaranteed right to recall is inalienable but it is obvious the initiators and instigators of the current attempt on Sen. Dino Melaye’s are not from Kogi West but lackeys and cronies of constituted authority; an apparent outcome of misguided advise to those insistent on dividing and decimating Okunland politically for egoistic purposes.  The fissures clannish inclinations have created among us in Okunland is not only becoming gullies but an odious machination is being played out to satisfy the self-centeredness of a few individuals. Selfish political aspirations are being satiated to the detriment of the collective good of Okun people with Okunland primed for another political experiment and some of our sons and daughters have become willing lab rats.
The precarious situation of Okun persons in the vanguard of the recall saga is not only pitiable but pathetic but our elders admonish that when sent a slavish message, the virtuous will deliver same like a freeborn. The gauge of loyalty is now synonymous with treachery and understandably so for those who cannot fathom life outside political office or patronage from government; their inability or refusal to see beyond the present is really unfortunate and rather than vilify them, they should be sympathized with.
The modalities that procured the purported signatures from investigations are fraught with lots of irregularities and illegalities. Consequently, we wish to state unequivocally that any calculated attempt to cause chaos and avoidable confusion in Okunland will be resisted legally with all the resources at our disposal.
Gladly, Sen. Dino Melaye’s persistent agitation for humane governance appears to have ginger government to action and it is hoped that the truce reached with JAC on the reopening of tertiary institutions in the state will be enduring. Of equal importance is the issue of salaries and pensions that is lingering despite government proclamation to the contrary which is inversely related to the reality in the state. Government should begin to focus more on issues concerning the wellbeing of Kogites and stop the shadow-chasing and spurious attempt to divert and distract the attention of Kogites from its inadequacies and peccadilloes.
A recall process premised on the disenchantment of majority of West Kogites with their elected senator is acceptable but what will not be condoned is every delusive attempt by those bent on exerting political leverage to dictate to majority of Okun people how they should feel about their senator, why and when they should express their displeasure.
Okun people and Kogi West in general should be allowed to decide the fate of their senator without any unnecessary interference. Agents of recall should be advised, that if Kogi West wants Dino recalled, it must emanate from the same Kogi West.
We are concerned and certainly not prepared to accept or allow anyone or group of persons to transform Okunland to a battlefield in any guise.
The logic behind the scorch-earth policy being foisted on Okunland is nothing but an aggregate of calculations, speculation and permutations towards 2019. We now see unholy alliances, congregation of strange bedfellows, treachery with greed motivated by inordinate ambition directing the conduct of some people in search of, or desperate to keep positions that are ephemeral. Conceitedly, they willingly feign the fugaciousness of their present position by refusing to ask themselves what became of men of power and authority of the past.  The political atmosphere Kogi State is becoming tense and may have direct negative impact on the output of the public service sector.
Politicians in Kogi State, particularly those from the west senatorial district should face issues of governance rather than witch-hunting one another.
For the avoidance of doubt, all processes involved in the recall shall be meticulously monitored to ensure its outcome is a true reflection of the wishes and aspirations of west kogites.
Okuns have the wherewithal to reprimand their own if and when necessary without the meddlesomeness from outsiders and no matter how low the waist of our child is, abandoning the child to adorn the child of another with decorated beads is certainly not an option. Soon the breeze will blow and the rotten rump of the chicken tagged recall will be indecently exposed.
A word, our elders say, is enough for the wise and prudent.
– Deacon Olusuyi Otitoju
Okun Development Initiatives.

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