Salihu Adam Jiddah to Austin Usman Okai; Stop Running Your Mouth, You Have No Ideas to Share

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As a citizen of this country we must all do what we can to improve governance anywhere by either being supportive through realistic ideas or through criticism; to this end, I would not have responded¬† to the so call braggadocio from Austin Okai. I’m responding to this at least to caution him as a boy I have advised so many times and to enlighten the people.

To put the record straight, we must not misunderstand politics or opposition to tauting. In fact Austin Okai Usman is not an opposition, he could be swayed anytime so long as money is involved.

I wonder how someone who has never voted or even having a voters card would be claiming to represent a party.

Recently before Jonathan fall, the meeting to start a youth movement APC Youth Frontier (APCYF) was held in my room with Austin Usman Okai and few of my friends, later I saw that our ideals about politics were completely different and I decided to move out of it because the whole thing was about insulting Jonathan up and down and I was not taught to do politics that way. I called him to order on several occasions and he never listen; and I left them.

He further went straight to speak to one of APC stalwart then who is now a governor; that our forum needs money to this or that; when my attention was drawn on this to verify some of the things he had said, I refute it totally and that was how it ended.

Later the same Usman went to support Buba Marwa in Adamawa guber race and when Buba  felt he was not anointed as he wished he left the party and decided to use them as mouth piece to castigate the party. I called him as a friend and warned him to stop those desperate actions; again he never listen.

Before I could know he had changed the name from APCYF to PDPYF and the whole thinking of I must make it through politics started. He became a praise singer to Jonathan whom he painted black on so many occasions, he called me to join him as PDP was free for all to make money, they got him a car etc etc. Anyway I have always told him that we are students of history and any thing you do will come back to hunt you; but obviously he has chosen a life he wants to leave.

Let me advise PDP as a party that if the like of Austin and Barrister Kabir who are lost politically are those they want to use as mirror then they have not learned from their fall.

Just immediately after Jonathan failed Okai was recorded on a live call trying to see how to create pandemonium and get the left over campaign money, when that failed, he called me and apologised to me and life goes on. Just a few months he initiated moves to get back to ocholi when it was clear that the late barrister would be given an appointment, he uses all arsenals including the current Transport commissioner Salisu Sani, when Salisu spoke to me on this I just laughed. I told him Okai is not to be taken seriously. I called Austin on the matter and he said he was contemplating working with Ocholi and I told him point blank that he rather change his ways and remain focused. When it was Cristal clear that he had lost out on ocholi then he took to insult and name calling. Salisu as a loyal boy to Ocholi spoke to me on the matter and I told him to forget about austin.

As it stand today I can not call my self an APC member; I am an ardent supporter of Buhari and I have committed over a decade believing, supporting and hoping that one day he will be the president. I thank God today that’s a reality we must live with.

Except for the blind, when president Buhari took over government, there was corruption everywhere in governance the result is the unending revelations of billions that is been uncovered on a daily basis.
There was insecurity in that Boko haram were given order to the govt not to hold independence day, not to mobilise corps member or to stop POP and a host of heart-shattering comments, I challenge Okai to tell me what it means to claim a good economic policy in a country where insecurity was the biggest discussion. Except you are going to say that Olisa metu, Fani and other members of the ruling party then who are currently facing corruption charges are saint, you have no moral ground to talk in a society because u were a massager and those little stipends u got are also stolen money.

In kogi state, President YarAdua of blessed memory launched a laudable project to dredge the river which would have created employment and market for our people, Jonathan stopped it just a few month after his death, if we love our people we should be calling on this govt to get back to that project; through criticism, persuasion, lobbying etc

As we speak, the minister of Mining and Solid minerals has been speaking on Ajaokuta steel company, that project would be of great benefits to kogites and previous govt have not shown such interest, PDP laid claim to have completed Abuja-Lokoja road but that road is there for all to see even though I will never be part of those who will deny Jonathan govt the credit it deserved on that road but its not done and dusted like they claimed. Personally I believe Nigeria is changing and awareness is coming daily so people don’t need to be brainwashed into supporting a wrong govt., my hope and prayer is that President Buhari would be judge by his action and inaction and not by opinion of politicians whose only interest is to exploit his weakness as if he is God. Kogi state should not be dragged in to the dust with incessant comment from from brainless gangsters. We are very intelligent people and must not be misrepresented by those who barely got certificate of attendance in school. We do not need such spokespersons, we need intellectual argument that will create relevance for us as a people. Any serious member of the PDP who sees the I’ll of this govt will be doing us a lot of good by criticising that is democracy at work but we won’t for that reason accept rascality in the system.

Austin and his pay masters must be warned against creating falsehood just to gain popularity; it will not work.

Recently I have followed Austin on his lamentations against Gov Yahaya Bello, even though I have my reservations on his govt, I don’t believe that the problems we are having today in Kogi state were created by Yahaya Bello, what did Ibro and wada did as Governor to improve the life of the people? we must think about that. Every time I see what I believe is not done correctly; like the issue of salaries, lack of development in the state etc I have made my opinion known and proffer solutions, in some cases I have called few persons In Lugard house to air my view, I believe this is how we can share opinion to develop the state and the country.

Let me advise politicians that politics has come and gone; for now we must work together to move the state and our country and in 2019 they have an opportunity to tell the people what they think they can do better. Not to pay political dogs to insults govt. As a civil servant I think Okai has spent more time insulting govt in a move to seek recognition rather devoting his time to work. I know Austin won’t be shock at some of these revelations but in case he believed I have lied against him he can challenge me to provide picture are audio evidences against him and his desperate moves.

An opposition political party must not only be seeing to hate government but must provide solutions to issues; at least it would be an evident that people could judge them with. Politics is not only to create whole lot of commotion to paint government black but you must have a clear manifesto to show what you have for the people.

The country elected Mr President and they are behind him with prayers that he could succeed. The word for the wise is enough

– Salihu Adam Jiddah
Founder: Kogi Liberation Movement.

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