Rt. Hon. Matthew Kolawole Not Part of Attempt to Cause Acrimony in Oweland

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A post by one Prince Tiwatope David on his Facebook page purportedly authored to address some perceived anomalies in Oweland is not only self-serving but an outright exhibition of mischief.
For the avoidance of doubt, all the various clans in Oweland have coexisted for centuries despite differences and divergence of opinions on several issues.
Rt. Hon. Matthew Kolawole by God’s grace is the Speaker of Kogi State House of Assembly today because majority of the constituents of Kabba/Bunu gave him the mandate to be a Honourable member and this was made possible from support across the various clans.
Rt. Hon. (Prince) M.O. Kolawole is a man known for his humility and detribalized nature which has played a major role to the feat he has achieved politically.
Since inauguration, Rt. Hon. Matthew Kolawole has preached peace and need for unity at every opportunity. He is urban in character and above every clannish proclivities.
Initially, the consensus was not to dignify the divisive post with any response but due consideration of the erroneous impression it might create in the minds of the people makes this rejoinder imperative.
Rt. Hon. Matthew Kolawole appreciates the support he has received from his people since inauguration and wish to reiterate that the post in question is a devious attempt by self seekers to cause disaffection and acrimony among the various clans in Oweland. He is not sentimental and will never be part of any scheme to destabilize the peace and unity in Oweland under any guise.
He is focused to bring development to the people and enjoins all well-meaning sons and daughters of Oweland to support him in this onerous task.
Investigations have revealed a sinister plot to cause confusion by some political merchants to heat up the polity for selfish reasons premised on inordinate ambition.
We are also adequately informed of the political conspiracy which the write-up is geared towards, and which political camp it is coming from. However, Rt. Hon. Matthew Kolawole is resolute and will not being diverted but will to keep delivering the dividends of divine mandate to the public.
Rt. Hon. Matthew Kolawole is using this medium to disassociate himself from such unpatriotic venture and wish to assure everyone of his unwavering determination to better the lot of the people. He therefore seeks the indulgence of all to disregard the post in its entirety.
Femi Olugbemi
Chief Press Secretary to the Honourable Speaker,
Kogi State House of Assembly

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