Ronke Bello: Special Tribute to an Exemplary Strategist, Mentor

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October 2010, my first book entitled Mopa Moon was published. A few of the people I respected most in my life were mentioned respectfully in it. Our foremost Educationist Late Pa Thomas Bello Olorunshola, Late Ade John, Late SB Daniyan, Late R T Alege, Late SB Awoniyi, Pa Adewale Bello and a few others.

Erelu Ronke Bello was the youngest and the only woman that caught my attention, first because of her well known role which was the straw that broke the back of those opposed to the creation of Mopamuro Local Government (this role earned her the prestigious Erelu title), and secondly for her alluring professional brilliance.

As a lover of arts, the second reason made me to write as follows in my book:
“When you speak, words becomes as flowers and delight the senses,When you smile, the sight of itLike wine, makes head spin in mirthAnd when you write, erstwhile cryptic issues As vivid pictures become clear…”

Today, the earth received you from the Galaxy and I join them to say Congratulations and HBD to my own very dear sister Erelu Ronke Bello PhD. My principal, my instructor, my eagle eye editor and my Mopa beaded Chief. 

Your Sterling qualities no doubt have become part of me for more than twenty years close followership.  You are like the fierce Tiger that takes time to pounce but rarely miss. You are like the elephant that conceives for a long time before bearing big… You act slowly but strategically. You see through things before acting them out. You are hardly ruffled. 

Thank you for counting me worthy of your mentorship. Thank you for trusting me to handle key issues that relate to your core ideologies and principles. 

Thank you for the impacts you have made in the lives of others through me. Thank you for listening to me. It is such an honour.

Today, I ask the Lord to bless you with strength like never before. I asked the Lord to open to you, doors of fortune like never before. I ask God to baptize you into wisdom like never before and also Grant you your personal desires, in Jesus name.

– Elere Samuel is Erelu’s long standing Media Assistant and coordinator of the Erelu Ronke Bello Foundation.

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